Language to be called makedonski, identity not to be discussed

4 March 2010 | 16:24 | FOCUS News Agency

Skopje. Macedonia to be called the Republic of North Macedonia, the language to be written in Latin – makedonski and the nation and identity not to be discussed; this, according to Greek diplomatic resources is the resolution of the name dispute, which is not closed due to the lack of political will and mistrust between Macedonia and Greece, Macedonian Nova Makedonija newspaper writes. According to the same diplomatic resources the resolution of the issue is clear for everyone and the dispute can be resolved even tomorrow, but there should be a political will for that. The authorities in Macedonia know they should resolve the name issue but are afraid because, according to them, they have a problem with the pubic opinion, noting that Greece has the same problem, too.
Greece wants the language to be written as makedonski not Macedonian as Greek language is called Ellinika and Finnish – suomi.

Our Questions are simple and they are directed to Greece’s COCA-COLA diplomacy geniuses:

TIMING-A: In whose interest is to solve the issue RIGHT NOW? The Greeks have been waiting for the Skopjan government to budge for almost 20 years now, and they went the other way, trying to get their constitutional name recognized by everyone, renamed everything into Philip II and Alexander the Great, so what is the fuss now? Why are the Greeks, under a barrage of international pressure on the economics front willing to sit on the bargaining table NOW?

TIMING-B: The Albanians of the DUI party (the largest party in FYROM) and Ali Ahmeti, its leader, personally have already threatened to topple the Gruevski government unless he comes to an understanding with the Greeks on the name this year. Gruevski

"CALL IT DISNEYLAND, CALL IT COCA COLA, WE DO NOT CARE AS LONG AS WE GET INTO NATO AND THE EU", Kim Ahmeti, the Albanian leader of DUI, recently exclaimed in front of National media
is sitting on a political time bomb and the Greeks seem to be giving him EVERYTHING he wants…NOW? What would be the problem with the toppling of the ultranationalist Gruevski government and the formation of a new government in Skopje that would be more sensible and compromising on the name issue?

IRREDENTISM: The names Macedonia and the more official Republic of Macedonia are intrinsically containing the seeds of irredentism against the Northern Greek provinces of Macedonia. The Skopjans do not hide this. Anyone that goes in the internet and visits FYROMian sites can read and hear this clearly and loudly. Does the name “Republic of Northern Macedonia” solve this issue? To anyone with more than half an ounce of brain, it is obvious that a name such as NORTHERN MACEDONIA NOT ONLY IT DOES NOT SOLVE BUT TO THE CONTRARY IT AGGRAVATES THE PROBLEM of Skopjan Irredentism! The “independent” Republic of “Northern Macedonia” will then be able to seek more forcefully its “reunification” with the “enslaved” part of a perceived “southern” Macedonia…isn’t this CLEAR and OBVIOUS to everyone? IS IT IN THE LONG TERM INTERESTS OF THE PEOPLE OF FYROM (Albanian, Greek, and Slavic) AND THE PEOPLE OF GREECE, to be led into such a half-baked idiotic solution that ALREADY CONTAINS THE SEEDS for THE NEXT ROUND OF DISPUTES?

MAKEDONSKI LANGUAGE: I Speak Hellenika but when someone asks me what language I speak I answer Greek, Greco, Griego, Si-la, Griek, Grec. If I answer Hellinika foreigners will be wondering what is Hellenika, and I will then have to repeat with a clarification in their language. As far as the dominant dialect spoken in FYROM, call it Makedonski, write it in Slavic letters, Greek, Arabic, Chinese, Korean or Latin Letters “Makedonski”, but you cannot force anyone to learn Slavonic all of a sudden: everyone will call it in their own language in whatever way they want, they will translate it in English as “Macedonian” and the confusion between Modern Slavonic Makedonski and ancient Greek Macedonian will persist. After all, if it is accepted that FYROM should be called Macedonia, yes Northern but still Macedonia, what should be called the language of the people in Northen Macedonia? If you ask me about Suomi, I will have to think twice before I remember that on the stamps I was collecting as a child Finland was called Suomi, and Japan Nippon, and Hungary Magyar, and in thoise same Stamps Greece is always called Hellas, but for all practical purposes, geography maps do not follow these conventions. The children of Lincoln Nebraska will learn that in Northern Macedonia the people speak Macedonian!

NATION AND IDENTITY: The Bulgarians do not want the national identity of the people of FYROM to be touched. Bulgaria was the first state to recognize FYROM as Macedonia, BUT they never recognized them as Macedonians: For the Bulgarians, this is a fake nation of misdirected Yugoslav Bulgarians of Western Bulgaria that is geographically called Macedonia. Why are the Greeks shying away from this issue? It may be true that many of the Slavs of FYROM used to have a different communal identity 9if they had any) before 1913. Some considered themselves Partriarchal Greeks, others Exarchal Bulgarians, yet others called themselves Slav Macedonians, Slavomacedonians. In the same token, most Australians before the battle of Kallipoli in WWI used to consider themselves British, yet a new identity arose among them and the new nation of the Australians arose as a result. Today’s Slavs of FYROM do not consider themselves to be Bulgarians, except for a small minority that opportunistically run to acquire a Bulgarian passport, a EUROPEAN COMMUNITY PASSPORT, that is. The thousands of Muslim Turks that fraudulently brought forward fake baptismal papers trying to prove that they are Greek Orthodox and with the help of the Bulgarian mafia which bribed corrupt Bulgarian state officials and received Bulgarian passports are no more Bulgarian than many of these desperate Slavomacedonians from FYROM who applied for one in order to become “Europeans”. A bad name compunds the problems and solves nothing, while a good name solves EVERYTHING!

SLAVOMACEDONIA for the country
SLAVOMACEDONIANS for the Slavic speaking people of FYROM
SLAVOMACEDONIAN for the language

True, the majority of the land is not even part of historic Macedonia, most of it was either Paionia or Dardania in ancient times, and part of Kosovo during the ottoman times, but if there is to be a compromise to the name it has to be a composite name and it has to encompass the true ethnic identity of the people of FYROM, which is SLAVIC. A Slavonic Macedonia has no need for statues of Alexander the Great and stadia of Philip II. The irredentism issues are put to the side. The inhabitants of Slavomacedonia speak Slavomacedonian and are called Slavomacedonians. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY ZERO CONFUSION WITH THE GREEK MACEDONIAN, NOW OR HISTORICALLY. The road to reconciliation between the Slav Macedonians and Greeks will open widely and the issue that has released untold amounts of hatred from the side of the Slavomacedonians against the Greeks and despise from the side of the Greeks towards the “Skopianoi” will then be then thrown into the Axios/Vardar river and drowned into the Aegean Sea. The issue will then be once and for all resolved, END OF THE STORY!

WILL THE ALBANIANS ACCEPT SLAVOMACEDONIA? The question is unnecessary. if Macedonian is to be accepted as an ethnic name, what difference does it make for the Albanians if the passport says Slavomacedonia or Macedonia, if he is self identified as a minority Albanian anyway? Kim Ahmeti, the Albanian leader of DUI, the Albanian component party in Gruevski’s administration is the man who, recently exclaimed in front of National media:
CALL IT DISNEYLAND, CALL IT COCA COLA, WE DO NOT CARE AS LONG AS WE GET INTO NATO AND THE EU!”Υ.Γ. Τέτοια ξεφτίλα, πως θα την αντέξουμε, να μας κοροιδεύει καί το παρδαλό κατσίκι σε λίγο! Γίναμε που γίναμε τσίρκο στα οικονομικά, να γίνουμε και στο Σκοπιανό! Την στιγμή που ο απωθητικός Γκρούης είναι πεσμένος στο χώμα με τον (Αλβανικό) σουγιά στο κόκκαλο καί το (Ευρωπαϊκό) λουρί στο σβέρκο…εμείς πάμε να τον αναδείξουμε Σκοπιανο (ήγουν Βορειομακεδονικό”)εθνικό Ήρωα!
Τρελαθήκαμε δηλαδή! Η απλώς ετοιμάζουμε τα χαρτιά παράδοσης της Τσαμουριάς στους Κοσοβάρους, της βόρειας Κύπρου και των Νησιων του Αιγαίου στους Τούρκους, καί απλώς τα της Βορείου Μακεδονίας”” είναι το εισαγωγικό πρελούδιο.


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