We are indigeneous Macedonians, therefore we are Greek

Nick Michael Hodges
Yes, we are Greeks like Alexander the Great but we are, also, Macedonian Greeks or Macedonian people living in the Macedonian province of Greece.

Now, if we are Macedonian people with a Greek ethnic identity, then, obviously the South Slavonian Slav people of former Yugoslavia are not and cannot be also Macedonians unless they think or it is possible to imagine of more than one Macedonian identity or ethnicity which is rather absurd because there cannot be there two ethnic groups with the same name and, consequently, this leads to the conclusion that one of these two ethnic groups is falsely and fraudulently identifying itself with the Macedonian people.

The Macedonian people did not produce any ethnic replicas of themselves and, besides, the Macedonian name cannot represent two different ethnic people who both would be able to identify themselves by the same name. In other words, the Macedonian name does not have a dual meaning, and, therefore does not and cannot represent two different groups of people that have different ethnic or racial backgrounds.

We all know that the South Slavonian Slavic people of former Yugoslavia have been subjected to the cruel and barbaric process of , that is, janissarization but this did not produce Macedonian people like ourselves, the Macedonian Greeks, but it only produced Macedonian clones best described as Macedonists or Makedomani and best explained as pseudo-Macedonians or mock-Macedonians, neither of which comes close to the real thing, that is, what we Macedonian Greek people stand for and have done for more than two and a half thousand years.

Let me, also, make clear that the South Slavonians are Slavic people and their land with the exception of Pellagonia was never Macedonian land but it was inhabited by the ancient Paeonians and Dardanians. So, what is the missing link that they think they have discovered lately that makes them think that they are connected or linked with the Macedonian people?

Obviously, there isn´t any link whatsoever and, therefore, these South Slavonian Slavs appear to have stolen our Macedonian Greek identity but without its Greekness or they are constantly trying to invent or create a pseudo-Macedonian myth in order to make an imaginary , fictional and fraudulent connection of their South Slavonian Slavic people with the ancient Macedonians by claiming that their Serbo-Bulgarian language is the ancient Macedonian language and, also, that the ancient Macedonian people were the Proto-Slavic people.

As though, that is not of an insult for the Macedonian Greek people, these South Slavonian impostors now claim that they have deciphered the middle column of the Rosetta Stone of the Ptolemaic era in Egypt. Well, when people become insane, paranoid and schizophrenic, there is no way to tell what they will do next to cover up, conceal or even defend the Macedonian identity theft with all possible means of lying, deception and forgery which have gotten them to where they are today with no exit strategy for possible failure to convince the world that they are right and, we Macedonian Greek people, are wrong.

In conclusion, if we the Macedonian Greek people were to say to the South Slavonian Slavs that they are , then we the real Macedonian and Greek people would be committing perjury and at the same time we would be responsible for the self-destruction and suicide of our Macedonian Greek people because in doing so we would be legitimizing the Macedonian identity theft and at the same time we would be stamping our approval to their fraud and forgery as well as condemning our Macedonian Hellenism to a permanent crucifixion and a holocaust of our Macedonian existence as Greeks.

This seems to be the South Slavonian grand scam that is aimed at assigning a Slavic identity to Hellenic Macedonia and undermining the sovereignty of our Hellenic Macedonian land because about a hundred years ago and with the help of the Bulgarians and the Serbians were able to get some of our Macedonian Greek land and, now, they think that they can ” throw the landlord out of his house” by claiming it as their own.

What kind of foolish people can ever think that such thing is possible in our twenty first century? Well, the Lord makes people become morons when He wants to destroy them. I say good luck to them or my deepest sympathy.

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