PM Gruevski to possibly be chief editor of all media in FYROM

Australian Macedonian Advisory Council
April 01, 2010

Prime Minister of FYROM (Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia) and leader of the VMRO-DPMNE Mr. Nikola Gruevski is not planning on giving up on the idea to be chief editor of all media in FYROM anytime soon. If his mission is successful he will control all media in the FYROM making it very difficult for his opponents, the SDSM, to have a voice in the media. Mr. Gruevski is known to already control most media, but there are some media in FYROM who he doesn´t control, and who don´t agree with his policies. Over the past few days, the PM has applied new methods in exerting pressure on the media that do not agree with his government´s policies. This is outrageous, in a country that claims to be democratic, and is aspiring to be a member of the European Union. “It is a manipulation of citizens in a very refined manner,” journalist Erol Rizaov writes in an article published in the FYROM Utrinski Vesnik daily. “Power´s blade points at authoritative media that criticize the misfeasance of the power and which criticism cannot be covered up with mere populism. The latest attack of the propaganda staff of the government is an attack against the media through some sham NGOs. Some institute, hidden behind Dimitar Cupovskim is sending messages about medias´ objectiveness,” the article reads.

Australian Macedonian Advisory Council (AMAC)

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