Greece was the cradle of civilization & democracy

Nick Michael Hodges
April 12, 2010
Greece has not just been the cradle of Democracy but it has been, also, the foundation of the European civilization and beyond. I am not writing this article to brag about it or even defend what I just said in the above statement but to protect my country from unwarranted attacks by people like Risto Stefov who probably thinks that by attacking Greece and its people, he will be able to defend or even cover up the Macedonian identity theft, the fraudulent use of the names Macedonia/Macedonians and the attempted conspiracy to forge a Slavic identity to Hellenic Macedonia and its people whether they live there now or they lived there in ancient times.

It is a fact and nobody can deny it that the ancient Macedonians were Greek or Hellenic, they worshiped the Greek gods and above all they spoke a Greek language or at least a Greek dialect. There is no existing historical evidence that proves otherwise unless it is made up or it only exists in his mind or the minds of the people he seems to be speaking for. I am sure he is probably being paid for and not doing it for just the love of his country, although I am not sure that I know yet what country he comes from when he claims that he was born and grew up in Greece, like I did, and he claims he has a different national identity than I do.

Of course, I was born and grew up in Macedonia, too but I am a Greek and he is not although the national identity of the Macedonian people has always been Greek or Hellenic and NEVER was such a thing as national identity. The Macedonian name in antiquity and now describes only the regional or geographic identity of the people who resided in ancient and present-day Macedonia.

Now that I answered the questions regarding the national identity of the Macedonian people, let me also tell my readers that Greece never practiced any kind of barbarism. The South Slavonian Slavs of former Yugoslavia practiced one of the worst kinds of barbaric act during our so-called civil war when they abducted 25,000 young children from people living in Macedonia, Greece and shipped all over the former communist countries. This was done to de-Hellenize them and make sure they grow up to become South Slavonian janissaries willing and able to be used as a Trojan Horses against their own Greek people.

Risto has the audacity to talk about Greek barbarism when barbarism was the specialty of the South Slavonian Slavs of former Yugoslavia and it rivals the janissarization barbarism of the Ottoman Turks. I would like to ask Mr. Stefov to take a good look at what was the cause for the abduction of those twenty five thousand children who now just like himself are also attacking their former fatherland and its people as though they were their worst enemies.

So much for his stupid and arrogant denial of Greece being the cradle of Democracy and overlooking the old Yugoslavian barbarism unless he may have a different name for it, such as, an act of benevolence for the twenty five thousand Greek children who were trained to do anything but benevolent acts against their own Macedonian Greek people.

One of Risto´s favorite topics, and I have dealt with that once before, is that Macedonia was illegally invaded by Greece, Serbia and Bulgaria but he seems to forget that Macedonia was not invaded by Greece but it was defended against the Bulgarian and Serbian invaders who wanted to get and they did get part of the Macedonian land as the Greeks could not fight both Slavic invaders at the same time and, therefore they had to reach a compromise and settle for most of it but not all of the Macedonian land. However, where were his South Slavonian people during those fights or were they one of them, either Bulgarian or Serbian, whatever seemed to work to their advantage.

Let me make clear that Macedonia was a Hellenic land in antiquity and for many, many years before the Slavs came down the Balkan Peninsula. So, Macedonia was not invaded by the Greeks but it was simply defended for its territorial integrity and integrated with the Greek motherland. What does Risto and his South Slavonian comrades have to do with Macedonia either by way of the land or its people.

We are the indigenous Macedonian people because we and our ancestors have inhabited the Macedonian province of Greece for over 2,500 years. On the other hand, they are the south Slavonian Slavs because they and their ancestors have inhabited Paeonia and Dardania that have no relation to Macedonian, Greece.

Let´s not play around with semantics and let´s get things straight once and for all. When we Macedonian Greek people say that do not exist, we mean that there are no other people other than us who could be using that name and especially misuse and abuse that name as a name for a false, fake and fraudulent ethnic identity because as I said earlier the Macedonian name only describes or signifies a regional Macedonian identity for Greek people who live or have lived in the past in the Macedonia and not Paionia or Dardania.

In other words, there is a real and a fake or fraudulent Macedonian identity. We accept only the real Macedonian regional Greek identity and not the fake and fraudulent ethnic one because there cannot be two meanings to the Macedonian identity or two people using it for different reasons.

Finally, it is not just the name in itself but what the name allows them to get access to and that is the whole issue. It is clout, history, and heritage and as Risto is dreaming about maybe even future aspirations or claims to Macedonian Hellenic land. I believe the use of the name is like another Trojan horse for aspiring, coveting and usurping Macedonian Greek land by means of the Macedonian identity theft, fraud and forgery.

In conclusion, I say to all of my readers that we, the Macedonian Greek people, are the Macedonians and I mean the real and genuine Macedonians and, therefore, we are the rightful owners of our Macedonian Hellenic land, history, heritage and culture and NOBODY BUT NOBODY has any rights to those things other than the Greek people who live in the Macedonian province of northern Greece.

It was then, the Greeks and mainly the Athenians who created Democracy and developed a great civilization. On the other hand, it was the Macedonian Greek people who were mainly responsible for the dissemination of Hellenic civilization, which they did not only love and admire, but they were part of it and strived to spread it to all people they conquered.



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