The beneficiaries of the Macedonian legacy & land

Nick Michael Hodges
April 12, 2010
I happen to know well that all South Slavonian propagandists don´t get paid although some of them do and make a career out of it because the money keeps flowing in constantly from various sources that are ´´patriotic” and devoted to the promotion of the Macedonian theft identity, the denial of the Macedonian Hellenism and the fraud and the forgery directed towards misleading and deceiving ignorant, uneducated and naïve people in believing or accepting their pseudo-Macedonianism.

It was a big surprise to me to hear Mr. Risto Stefov saying publicly that he was born and grew up in Greece like I did and so there two of us Macedonian Greek people with entirely two different points of view and above all entirely different national identities, one Greek and another claiming an artificial and pseudo-Macedonian one. Obviously, my readers would be wondering how is it possible for two people to come from the Macedonian province of that country and claim different national identities. It seems to me that one of has been either bribed with a certain amount of money like Judas did years ago when he betrayed or delivered Christ to the Romans or one of us decided for some reason or other to become a traitor to his country and, therefore, he betrayed his national Greek identity for an artificial and pseudo-Macedonian identity that was, evidently, more promising to him than his old Greek national identity.

Maybe, he was not a traitor but simply a defector to the other side or maybe even a prodigal and non-repenting son who thought that the grass looked on the other side and it was a bigger challenge for him or an opportunity to help his “oppressed” fellow citizens across the border, the pseudo-Macedonians and anti-Macedonians like himself.

However, I happen to agree with this man that there are Macedonians in Greece but those are rear and true Macedonian Greek people like probably the one he used to be before he was converted to and now he believes Satan and not God. I say again and again that there are Macedonian people in Greece as they never ceased to exist and they are as Greek or Hellenic now as they have always been. They are not phonies, impostors or clones like those north of the border. They are real and true Macedonian Greek people and that is the only kind there is and it is in the Macedonian province of Greece.

If there are Macedonian people in Greece, can there be other people in the former Yugoslavia? Can there be two kinds of Macedonian people? Can there be Macedonian people with Greek nationality and people with a nationality? Can the word Macedonian signify or describe two different kinds of people with two different nationalities? The answer is, obviously, no. So, then, what does that mean? It means simply that one is true and the other one false.

The next question is which one is true and which one is false. I believe my readers are intelligent enough to answer that question for themselves because those who claim to be the pseudo-Macedonians would not have to spend millions of dollars to promote themselves as being those people while the Macedonian Greek people let the facts and history speak for them as it has spoken for two and a half thousand years.

So, I say to Risto, you may have been probably a Macedonian earlier in your life but you have lost that right and privilege when you denied your Hellenism as well as the Hellenism of Macedonia and that of the Macedonian Greek people. I say to you again that I can call you anything you wish but not a Macedonian because you forfeited that right once and for all. Now, let´s get to that Greek person that writes now in the American Chronicle and who is a Vlach, and damn of it, but NOT of a Bulgarian mother as I have said that to you in one of my e-mails and married to a South Slavonian, and by no means Macedonian and above all both of my grandparents were Macedonian fighters fighting against your former Bulgarian renegades.

So, I would like to repeat what I said to you about being a Macedonian and that is to be a Macedonian you need to be a Greek and if for some reason you forfeited that right, you cannot be a Macedonian. You can be a mock-Macedonian, a Macedonian impostor, a pseudo-Macedonian or even a Macedonian clone but NEVER again a Macedonian like me and the two other million Macedonians like me.

Finally, I am not the one that seems to know more about you than you yourself but the other way around when you think you know more about my family than myself and you say all those things in a rather insulting, denigrating and slanderous way because you do not know, obviously, of a better way to present your information to your readers.

I also like to inform my readers that Macedonia was not invaded, occupied and divided by the Greeks but the Bulgarians and the Serbians who all wanted to get a piece of the pie, of the Macedonian land that rightfully and any other way belonged to the Macedonian Greek people who were able to claim it back and get as much of it as it was possible when we had to deal with two other grabbers that got some of the land for themselves.

Last but not least, Philip II, did not conquer Greece. It was a civil war and a war for political supremacy. It was a fair fight, the Macedonians and their allies won over the other Greeks. There were winners and losers and it was for the best of the country. One more thing needs to be said regarding the Greekness of Macedonia. Yes, Macedonia was Greek or Hellenic but not Helladic as there was no established Helladic nation but thanks to the Macedonian Greek people and their leaders they were able to start some kind of confederacy which due to some circumstances did not last too long and never developed into a Helladic union.

I want to close this article by saying to Risto and his comrades that MACEDONIA HAS BEEN HISTORICALLY GREEK while his country consisting of Paeonia and Dardania was not although there is evidence that Paeonia became somewhat Hellenized by the Macedonian Greek people, of course.

In conclusion, I say that Greeks lived in Macedonia for over two and a half thousand years and they are the rightful inheritors of the Macedonian lands, the Macedonia history and the Macedonian heritage. The Macedonian Greek people are the indigenous people of Macedonia and nobody else, including the South Slavonians of former Yugoslavia. No Macedonian land was stolen, except for Pellagonia, as it belongs and has belonged to Macedonian Greek people for more than two millennia.

Yes, Macedonia for the Macedonian Greeks but not for the South Slavonian Slavs. Macedonian Greeks and South Slavonian Slavs are mutually exclusive words.

We the Greeks are the real and true Macedonians and the South Slavonian Slavs are the pseudo-Macedonian fakes, clones and impostors and that is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.


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