Gruevski May Destabilize FYROM

Skopje 24 Ore 21 Apr 10 p 4

Report by Suat Saqipi: “Gruevski May Destabilize Macedonia”
IPR [the Albanian-based Regional Prognosis Institute] Chairman Koco Danaj has told 24 Ore that it is Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski who is working for the partition of [FYR]Macedonia, while the ethnic Albanian politicians — in his view — work for unity and a unitary state. 
He has also directed harsh criticism toward the [FYR]Macedonian Albanian parties, labeling them as unable to keep their promises and advance the Albanian cause. 
“The Albanian issue can be resolved neither through patching and demagoguery nor by some cosmopolitan politicians or by simply hiding behind the name issue.  The Albanian issue can only be resolved through essential changes to this state without a name.  To this end, the ideas that [FYR]Macedonia would be destabilized unless the name issue is resolved seem somewhat suspect and diabolic.  [FYR]Macedonia is not suffering from the name issue, but from [FYR]Macedonian chauvinism, instead,” Danaj stressed, adding that it is time for the international community to realize that, to counter [FYR]Macedonian nationalism, there is just one way, which is democratic and realistic and that, in his opinion, is swift federalization.
According to him, there is a demagogic manipulation of [FYR]Macedonia’s future.
“Lately, there have been many rumors that [FYR]Macedonia could be destabilized if the name dispute is not resolved.  But, it has not been specified: who will destabilize it?  The [FYR]Macedonians themselves, who are supporters of Gruevski or of Crvenkovski?  I do not believe such a thing.  Both Gruevski and Crvenkovski will not opt for the instability of their country just because of the name row, which serves as a cover.    That said, [FYR]Macedonia’s real problem is not its name, but the [FYR]Macedonian political elite’s mentality regarding the Albanians. Whereas, the Albanians are those who are keeping [FYR]Macedonia on its feet,” the IPR chairman and author of the book called ‘Platform for Natural Albania’ said.

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