FYROM faces Major Diplomatic Defeat in the Name Issue of the Presidency of the Council of Europe

Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (F.Y.R.O.M)” – This will be the official name which Greece’s neighbouring country will be referred during its Presidency in the Council of Europe, according to Skopje’s major newspaper, Nova Makedonija.

Despite the grandiloquent statements of the FYROM’s Officials and the attempt to abuse its presidency to promote the FYROM’s position on the name issue, the Council of Europe decided to follow the decision of the international law on behalf of the state, a decision which also applies to the Presidency of the Council of Europe. Hence the interim reference “Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia” will be used when the country is addressed.

According to Nova Makedonija, the spokeman for the Committee of Ministers, Panos Kakaviatos stated that the takeover of the Presidency of the Council of Europe will be called “Presidency of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia”.

This way the International Community has sent an unequivocal message to the FYROM that it will not stand for continued efforts to undermine International Agreements and petty intentions to use International institutions to promote its position on the name issue. It has made clear to Skopje that such attempts are destined to fail.

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