The Manipulation of Sources has Turned into an Obsession for FYROM’s Propaganda Machine

The Manipulation of Sources has Turned into an Obsession for FYROM’s Propaganda Machine

A Bulgarian Intellectual had once state many decades ago while referring to Slavomacedonians:

“Among them, the lie is something customary, it is not considered a vice, but as a sign of wit. The one among them who is caught lying does not feel remorse or embarrassment, but only a sorrow, because he was not clever enough when constructing the lie!!!!”

FYROM’s Slavs who have turned the above statement into a dogma, find it extremely easy to employ each possible way of manipulating information from a source. This often takes place by planting their own wild fantasies while presenting them as some kind of “evidence” to their alleged existence as “Macedonians.”

Bear in mind that their favourite motto is, “Only the Sun is Older than Macedonia.” (However it wont surprise us if in the future FYROM’s pseudo-scientists might “prove” that its the other way around!)

During September of 2008, we had published in our blog an article written by Christos, entitled “1878 – Proclamation of the Temporary Government of Macedonia requesting Unification with Greece“. Many of the article’s references were found in the book by Konstantinos Douflias “Macedonia, Macedonian Struggle, Greece-Macedonia 4000 Years

originaldeclaration Η Απόλυτη Ξεφτίλα της Σκοπιανής Προπαγάνδας

The aforementioned article mentioned the Manifesto of the Macedonians of 1878, where Macedonians Proclaimed the Temporary Government of Macedonia. Moreover they urgently requested Union with Southern Greece, which was already free from Ottoman rule. Of course as the declaration reveals, Macedonians had nothing to do with Slavs, as much as this frustrates FYROM’s propagandists.

Here is the text in English:


To the Governments of the European powers

The long lasting sufferings which the respectable governments have heard about from their representatives, and which by now have reached a state of stressful despair, have obliged the inhabitants of Macedonia to take up arms in order to defend their lives, their honour and property. Calling a meeting today the representatives of the various communities in Macedonia, overthrew the Sultan’s tyrannical authority, declared the union of Macedonia with mother Greece, and chose us in order to form the Temporary Government of the revolution with the obligation to ask from the Christian super powers their mighty protection for the justification of our fight(Macedonia) is ready to be freed and connected to mother Greece, even if it needs to be delivered to fire and disaster rather than continue living under the tyranny of various Turkish notables. They destroyed and violated the honour and sanctity of family life. All promises and obligations that the Turkish authorities gave to its subjects have proved by now to be nothing more than purposely sly and deceptive. The Turkish government has several times granted rights but tyranny has never been loosened. On the contrary, our misfortunes became endless and horrible because this government has neither power nor authority. Therefore, we were forced to seek our arms so that we may die as men as Greeks if we are not allowed to live like logical and free men.

[Signed] In Litohoro, Mt. Olympus [on] 19th February, 1878 [by the members of]

The Temporary Government of Macedonia:

Evangelos Korovangos, President;

A. Asteriou;

G.V. Zahariadis;

Nikiforos, Monastic priest;

Athanasios Georgiou;

In the scope of the desperate attempts of FYROM’s Slavs, we have recently witnessed their latest “discovery”, as it is currently promoted by their Propaganda Machine.

Recently we became aware that the Slavic Propagandistic site (Makedonska Nacija) has desperately published an article which attempted in the most ridiculous possible way to present the aforementioned Manifesto as “evidence” of a… distinct “Macedonian Nation.”

In other words and in an ironic twist, the real Macedonians were promoted as… being Slavs!!!

propagandamakedonskanacija Η Απόλυτη Ξεφτίλα της Σκοπιανής Προπαγάνδας

In reality FYROM’s propagandists, who were never notorious for their.. intelligence, stole the picture from our Original Article, but clumsily exposed themselves by keeping even the red underlines/arrows. Of course, it didn’t seem to disturb them, that in fact the declaration was written in Greek and not in the Bulgarian language. On the other hand, they erased our notes which referred to the Greek book, like it is visible in the initial picture.

This enormous Slavic “discovery” was promoted quickly throughout Internet. We have also found it in the notorious Ultra-Nationalistic Slavic Forum Maknews where anyone could have the laugh of his life with the supposed….translation of the Manifesto in English. This Paroxysm of extreme Nationalism emanating from FYROM is a somber reminder to everyone to what lengths their obsession to build a common national narrative can reach.

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