Macedonoids Meet their Match

Macedonoids Meet their Match

By Nikola Tadzhev

In an effort to make known to the world the superiority and uniqueness of the “Macedonian” race, the Vice President of the World Macedonian Congress, Mr. Niche Dimovski produced a very interesting documentary, the “Macedonian” Prayer.  Although it is a racist documentary bringing God onto Skopje’s side regarding the country’s name discord with Greece, we must admit that it is entertaining.  One wonders how educated people could stoop so low.  Due to the fact that many people from the FYROM expressly disapproved of the “Macedonian” Prayer as stupid, this short but informative article has to be restricted only to those who believe in the claims of the prayer and for what stands.

I must say that it is also interesting that the same people who believe in the message of the “Macedonian” Prayer are those who financed and published a discredited “study” on the DNA of the Greeks.  To be precise, the discredited study was that of Jews and Palestinians…the Greek study is discredited by proxy for similar reasons.  The study using alchemical methods and unscientific manipulation of three people’s DNA has attempted to “prove” the “racial inferiority” of the Greek race.  It makes the Greeks descendants of some Eastern Africans, the Japanese of some Western Africans and Turks Europeans!  The latter has caused my two friends Okan and Hussein, a Yörük (believe me, he looks Yörük), both Turkish officers to question the sanity of the “scientists.”

Since Mr. Dimovski demonstrates in his documentary that the Creator says to the man who prays to Him – a disillusioned Skopjan that the white people, whom He first created, were the Macedonoids, I thought Mr. Dimovski might want to know what true scientists state about it.  They agree with the documentary’s spirit, which according to a published study, “scientists discovered that 1% to 4% of the latter three DNA samples is shared with Neanderthals — proof that Neanderthals and early modern humans interbred.” [i] It is scientifically proven that the Neanderthals pre-dated the present humans aka Homo sapiens sapiens.  Since Mr. Dimovski equated his ancestors to the first humans, there is a little doubt that the Neanderthals and the Macedonoids were the same beings.

It is painful for us the common anthropoids to admit it, but since Mr. Dimovski is right and the rest of us are wrong, I want to extend to him my sincere Congratulations! However, since Mr. Dimovski has opened the door…..

Παπαῖ!  It is the Macedonian word for “ouch; just ask Alexander the Great!”[ii]

[i] Jennifer Pinkowski, “Neanderthal DNA Lives On in Modern Humans,” Time/CNN (May. 06, 2010).,8599,1987568,00.html?xid=newsletter-weekly, accessed May 12, 200.

[ii] William Nickerson Bates, “Two Inscribed Slingers’ Bullets from Galatista,” American Journal of Archaeology, Vol. 34, No. 1 (Jan. – Mar., 1930), 44-46., accessed May 12, 2010.

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