Protest letter by a Greek to CNN for the “I-List” report on FYROM

An example we all should follow.

“I would like to register my strong objection to the unashamed propaganda in your “I-List” report on FYROM which you refer to wrongly and deceptively as Macedonia. It is a great disappointment that CNN publishes this ill informed nonsense which is nothing more that a shallow and blatant misrepresentation of historical fact.
You deceptively refer to FYROM as a country “steeped in history” and the “youngest ancient country in the world” when this state and its slavic and Albanian inhabitants have nothing whatsoever in common with the ancient Greek kingdom of Macedonia. Even the word Macedonia itself is a Greek word. One can only conclude that CNN is blatantly promoting this preposterous misinformation as part of a broader geopolitical agenda. At best this is extreme ignorance; totally unacceptable for an international news network, at worst it is an act of propaganda that Goebbels would be proud of.
Thank you for throwing the masks off and exposing yourselves.”

By Samian

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