Public Outcry over FYROM’s Journalist who calls publicly for “Liquidation of Traitors”

Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia Map

International Federations of Journalists and many others were shocked over the exposure of a recent shocking incident in FYROM’s television. As Utrinski Vesnik yesterday reported, the vitriol started flowing on a debate taking place on Alfa TV’s Zebra show last weekend [ 15-16 May]. Kanal 5 Television host Milenko Nedelkovski who participated as a guest, called for “the liquidation of traitors.”  In the debate, Nedelkovski made it quite clear that “no other rhetoric can be used for traitors.”  As a response to his fellow guest, Fokus editor Jadranka Kostova’s question, “Then why don’t you form an association for the liquidation of enemies?” While being unruffled, Nedelkovski replied, “That is the next move !!!!”

“Journalists in the country were shocked when a broadcaster issued a list of targeted journalists, accusing them of being traitors and called for their ‘liquidation.” But despite protests over hate-speech and the threats posed to the named journalists, the authorities have yet to react says the Association of Journalists of FYROM.

The shocking call for violence was widely condemned but its not a surprise for all those who have witnessed many events in the internet promoting hate against others by Ultra-Nationalists from FYROM and diaspora. Those who happen to speak out their minds against the widely-imposed state propaganda are not only being demonised but also discredited and casted as “enemies/traitors” of their country. Surely many others in FYROM are feeling the same but are too afraid to express it publicly.

According to Utrinski Vesnki, the journalistic profession looks sad, divided as it is onto “patriots” and “traitors,” “suitable” and “non-suitable,” and “yours” and “theirs,”. On the other hand, according to experts, the journalistic profession has hit rock bottom in FYROM.

The AJM, an IFJ affiliate in the country, lodged an official complaint against Nedelkovski and asked the authorities to take all the necessary legal measures and to defend the physical, moral and professional integrity of the threatened journalists. But no action has taken place so far.

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