Albanians in FYROM – Urgent Plan Against Gruevski’s Policies

Πρώην Γιουγκοσλαβική Δημοκρατία της Μακεδονίας - ΠΓΔΜ

Skopje 24 Ore 18 May 10 p 2
Report by Rita Kadriu: “Urgent Plan Against Gruevski’s Policies”
Regional Prognosis Institute head Koco Danaj has said that the Albanians in [FYR] Macedonia should ward off provocations, while stressing the importance of the existence of Albanians in this country.
“There are certain things that Albanians must do and consider as imperative.  First, the Albanian people should not fall for provocations, should quit accusing one another, and they should not split.  It is not only Gruevski that stands against them but [FYR] Macedonian chauvinism, too.  And only unity is needed against chauvinism.  Party supporters should now keep quiet and put

It is not only Gruevski that stands against them but [FYR] Macedonian chauvinism, too. And only unity is needed against chauvinism.
Albanians first.  Nowadays, the Albanian spirit is more important than the need for being part of this or another party.  Chauvinism divides, kills, and instigates bickering among people, while it rubs its hands in anticipation.  In other words, [FYR] Macedonian chauvinism is seeking to shift its social, ethnic, and political crisis to the Albanian people,” prominent Albanian analyst Koco Danaj said.
In his view, by doing so, the [FYR] Macedonians are trying to tell the international community: support us, because these people — the Albanians — want instability; they want war.

Moreover, he recommends non-partisan peaceful mass protests.  “Albanian squares from Struge [Struga] down to Kumanove [Kumanovo] should be filled with peaceful Albanian protests under the banner of the [Albanian] nation, not under the party’s banner. 

And you had better believe that when squares become crowded with peaceful protesters, chauvinism cowers and the international community judges differently.  The Albanians must not become victims just to ensure the existence of a nameless state and do something just because someone or some diplomats want that,” Danaj pointed out.

Incidentally, he underlined that [FYR] Macedonian chauvinism seeks to satanize the Albanians and is attempting to turn its own crisis into an inter-Albanian one.  Danaj has labeled as anti-Albanian certain statements made by some Albanian politicians like Ramush Haradinaj and [Kosovo] Interior Minister Bajram Rexhepi, who — according to Danaj — support [Prime Minister] Gruevski’s massacre of the Albanians.

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