Famagusta the Ghost Town

Famagusta Cyprus - Αμμόχωστος Κύπρος

Photo @ lemesia.wordpress.com

Famagusta, the town jewel of Eastern Mediterranean, that was turned into a ghost town by Turkey in 1974.
It’s inhabitants were left only with their memories of it…
Please, help so as its lawful owners return to it…

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Justine says:

I’ve just come back from Ayia Napa and after being on a boat trip, i cried. How sad it is that such a once beautiful place is now a ghost town. People’s belongs are still sat in their gardens, kids toys, its just disgusting.
War is one of the world’s wrongs, all because people with power can’t learn how to fricking talk.

I hope one day there becomes light and life on the present ghost town, even if its just so we can give it some tlc.

Jamie says:

I have been to ayia napa on holiday and I’ve been writing to the British government to do something but I don’t thing anybody cares except the people who were told to get out of their town’s and cities.I’ve been doing alot of research about the problem and I’m going to dedicate my life to trying to fix the problem. I am a teenager so alot of time to try and fix.

sylvia leggett says:

I recently have holidayed in Aya Napa and took a boat trip to the boundaries of this town and was fascinated about the History, so I just had to look this up on this site and am still intrigued that a town should be going to waste, and feel that the people should be allowed to go back, but if they are allowed it would be facsinating to see some of the up to date pictures of this.

Tushar says:

I have just saw this video. As an Indian citizen which is rules by british for more then 200 years. I know how it feel. Just like Ameican Indian whose land was grab by American also like White Europion who grab land from Abrogian of Austrial. The habitat of this town has a right to return to their home. A strong Eurpion union should take a militery action agaist the Muslim turkish state. As we already know the Muslim community in past and future never will be leave with peace. They never mix with other religon. I am not a frantic but these are the real fact. Eurpion countrys like France, Canada now lately taking action agaist this community like baning to wear burke and construstion against islamic centers. Englant and USA should take the action similar with this too.