To tell the truth

Nick Michael Hodges
June 08, 2010
I am writing this letter to tell the truth, and as they say in the court, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. I would like to respond to three different articles that were either published or posted in the last two months: a) UMD Rejects Unacceptable Statements of MEP Jorgo Chatzimarkakis b) Skopje, Ancient Macedonia Builds Modern Democracy and c) Pope Praises Macedonia´s Cultural and Spiritual Heritage.

I would like to begin with the first one and I am only going to make reference only to those points which I think they are ridiculous and absurd. It looks like UMD find Mr. Chatzimarkakis´s proposal that an expected United Nations proposal on Macedonia´s name to include a new name for the “Macedonian” identity and language to be unacceptable to them and the people of that country.

Let me say that and say it as loud as I can that neither the language nor the identity of the so-called country of FYROM has anything to do have anything to do with Macedonia and I mean the historic and classic Macedonia because Macedonia and its people have always been Greek people and never South Slavonic Slavs which what they are.

So, then their land that has never been part of ancient Macedonia except for the small land of Pellagonia cannot identify itself with Macedonia because in the ancient times it was called Paeonia and Dardania. Therefore, then they are not and cannot be Macedonians neither by way of the land or the people because as people they are South Slavonic Slavs with no relationship to the Macedonians who have always been Greek and their land was not ever Macedonian land.

UMD also claims that their identity is not negotiable and I would agree with that a hundred percent if it represented their real and true identity but it does not. So, they confuse their South Slavonic Slav identity with our Macedonian Greek identity but without its Greekness and then, listen to this, they consider that to be their actual heritage that, as they say, has transcended over millennia for the Macedonian nation.

Let´s take a deep breath and ask UMD and their people which Macedonia nation are they talking about and where is it located and what kind of people is made up of? Which Macedonian nation did these South Slavonic people have inhabited for millennia and we do not know about it?

We all know that as well as the Romans and St. Paul who visited that land that Macedonia was a Greek land and the South Slavonic people did not get down to the Balkans for almost a thousand years later than Macedonia became a Roman Province.

I like to ask my readers if they happen to know of two Macedonias. One the historic and Classic and Hellenic Macedonia and another one just as ancient but inhabited by South Slavonic Slavs that no historians seem to be talking about except for UMD and their South Slavonic people

Now, let me talk a little about Stefanie Rowlands´s Macedonia and the so-called pearl of the Balkans. I would like to inform Stefanie Rowlands, who is the wife of Ryan Rowlands and he is the public affairs officer of the US Embassy in Skopje.

As I said earlier referring to the UMD´s article there has been one and only one ancient Macedonia and for the sake of Stefanie Rowlands and that of my readers that Macedonia lies south of the so-called FYROM and it happens to be now the Macedonian province of northern Greece.

As I said earlier again the country of the so-called FYROM is not and cannot be thought of as Macedonia because it was never ancient Macedonia but ancient Paeonia and Dardania and the people who inhabit that land now are South Slavonic Slav people who are totally unrelated to the Macedonian, that is, Greek people.

It is true that these people have been rather very successful in misleading and deceiving a lot of people including some intellectuals for a variety of reasons and they have been able to even get recognition for their fraud and forgery of the identity theft of the Macedonia/Macedonian names but that is because they yelled louder and they somewhat prevailed and fooled or victimized a lot of people but mostly politicians and heads of governments that know nothing about nothing and fell into a trap. Finally, I want to say to Stefanie Rowlands how picky is she about real pearls and I am sure she does not get fooled there because she can easily tell a real pearl and a phony one.

However, in the case of Macedonia she picked or was helped to pick the wrong pearl as the pearl of the Balkans because the real pearl was not what she was told to say that it was but what really is the pearl of the Balkans and the pearl of the Balkans as far as ancient Macedonia is concerned it is the historic and classic Macedonia which is and should always be not just the pearl of the Balkans but the PEARL OF HELLENISM.

In conclusion, I would also like to make a few comments regarding Pope Benedict XVI who was praising last month “Macedonia”s cultural and spiritual heritage as though our Holy Father was born yesterday and had forgotten himself about the historic, classic and even biblical Macedonia where St. Paul was called upon by God to go there and preach the word of God to the people of ancient Macedonia.

Our Pope should have never forgotten that St. Paul visited several towns or cities when he went to Macedonia and some of them happen to be Filippi , Amphipoli, Apollonia, Thessaloniki, Beria as well as Athens and Corinth.

Which Macedonia was our Holy Father was referring to? The one that really is actually Macedonia or the Paeonia/Dardania which is not Macedonia but wants to mislead and deceive the people by farud and forgery that it is although it is not and cannot be either by way of the land or the people who as I said earlier are South Slavonic Slavs with no relationship whatsoever to the ancient and modern Macedonian Greek people.

What would anybody expect from half-educated or uneducated people to do when our own Holy Father fell himself into a trap.

I ask myself the question, how can so many people have gone berserk and know not what they are saying or doing. I believe that we are more educated now than ever and yet we get so easily victimized and trapped into doing evil things.

I know that I have told the truth and I have rather explained well the reasons for which, I believe, the South Slavonic Slav people have stolen the Macedonia/Macedonian names from the Greeks and like to use them for their own country, themselves, their identity and language.

It gives them, although through the use of fraud and forgery, access to the Macedonian, nevertheless, Greek legacy and in addition to that it grants them, although without the Greek authorization and consent, the right to claim for themselves Macedonia´s cultural and spiritual heritage as though these South Slavonic Slavs ever in history had anything to do Macedonia itself, its culture, its heritage or its people who have been and will always be Greek.

We, the Macedonian Greeks, feel insulted, offended, angry, enraged and even outraged that the South Slavonic Slavs still continue to take advantage of the Macedonian identity theft and try as hard as they can either to replicate us or replace us, the real and true Macedonians, with themselves the “Macedonian” impostors or “Macedonian” clones if there are really out there such people who may be able to qualify as pseudo-Macedonians.


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