CALL OF RESPONSIBILITY/CALL TO ACTION of the Macedonian Associations from Greece and the World Pan-Macedonian Associations


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of the Macedonian Associations from Greece and the World Pan-Macedonian Associations

Following the recent news releases regarding the possible new composite name of the FYROM as “Republic of Vardar Macedonia”, we, the Macedonians worldwide, reply and announce the following:

1.   Skopje’s continued persistence on the false ideology of “Macedonism” and its expanding demands with respect to the national and historical integrity of Greece, leave no room for the compromise in “good faith” (i.e. naïve) by the Greeks which is based on a composite name with a geographical qualifier (North Macedonia – Vardar Macedonia etc).  It is certain that such a solution will be used to legalize and facilitate Skopje’s irredentism with dreams of a “united Macedonian nation” and the dismemberment of Macedonia etc. that will only cause further instability and rivalry in the Balkans.

  2.   The terms “Macedonia” – “Macedonians” – “Macedonian” are part of the cultural and historical heritage of Greece and are indisputable and non-negotiable constituents of the Greek national identity. They have been our cultural self-determination for three thousand years. This is verified and supported by the 356 foreign and Greek historians, archaeologists, classicists, and scholars in their position statement and appeal to US president Barack Obama. No governmental authority has the right to turn over this heritage of the Greeks without directly asking the Greek people themselves. No governmental authority has the right to ignore the firm conviction of the Macedonian Greeks on this matter.

 3.     As members of the Macedonian Associations we launch a call of responsibility and alert to every Greek in Greece and the Diaspora for Macedonia’s salvation. Knowing that after this undesirable national humiliation and loss of our Macedonian heritage, tangible risks will follow regarding our national integrity in Macedonia, in W. Thrace and the Aegean. The economic crisis makes such dangerous eventualities even more possible. This when our Macedonian culture projects a unique identity and quality with regards to tourism on the international scale. Furthermore, the derivation “Macedonia/n” has been linked to hundreds of companies and trademarked products in Greece.

4.     We call upon the Greek Parliament to immediately adopt a resolution that would spell out the obvious that the Macedonian identity, belongs only to Hellenism culturally, nationally, and historically, and has been identified with it throughout the ages.

5.     We strongly urge the Greek Government and the political leaders not to ignore the overwhelming majority’s desire reflected in all polls which confirms the public’s opinion to not grant the Macedonian name to Skopje in any form. Let us not add an additional injury to the current economic downturn of the Greek citizens. Let’s not injure the Greek national consciousness and pride.


(Representing more than 150 Macedonian Organizations)

 1. Philoptohos Men’s Brotherhood of Thessaloniki, Theodore Dardavesis, 2310220700 

 2.“Panagia Soumela” Chapter, George Tanimanidis ,6944724646

 3. Thracian Home of Thessaloniki Benjamin Karakostanoglou, 6977410432

 4.Federation of Western Macedonian Chapters, George Tzoulis, 6977201384

5.E.A.S SEGAS of Thessaloniki, Demetrios Gakis, 2310211700

 6.“Group 21” of Macedonia-Thrace, Antonis Daskopoulos, 6944328901

 7.Posiderites Chapter the World Over “St. Trinity”, Michael Liakos, 6932906767

 8. World Pan-Macedonian Associations, Nina Gatzoulis, 001-603-742-0466

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