The term “Vardar Macedonia” has Illyrian Origin according to Albanian Historian

According to a recent article found in Skopje’s Lajm, an Albanian Historian claims that the name “Macedonia”, can be deciphered only with the Albanian alphabet and the term ‘Vardar Macedonia’ has Illyrian Origins.

Particularly, the Historian Skender Asani claimed that the names of Macedonia and of the Vardar River have a meaning only in the Albanian language while the term, Macedonia, was a geographic and not an ethnic term.  He used as his source the  German scholar, Han, who had claimed the term “Macedonia” has its origin from the Illyrian word, “e matja”, meaning large.

 Furthermore the Albanian Historian stated: “The term, “Vardar,” was used for the first time by the ancient Greek writer, Homer.   Then, in the middle ages, there were many scholars who speak of the Vardar River rises in Albania and its flow goes through most of the Illyrian kingdoms, such as Dardania, Pajonia, and so on.  This means that terms ‘Macedonia’ and ‘Vardar’ are typical Illyrian-Albanian words.”

Of course these  assertions are proved to be totally baseless.  Homer used the name “Axios” and not “Vardarios.” In Iliad, II.848-850 the name “Axios” is used while referring to the Paeonians and their leader Pyraechmes. Homer considered Paeonians as the most Western Allies of Trojans. This implies that the area west of Axios – namely Macedonia – is Greek at the time of Homer.

According to the author Giorgos Echedoros in his book “Macedonia – History of Kilkis” in Page 737,  Bar Daria has the meaning of a “Great River“, since Daria means River like the rivers of Asia,  Amou Daria, Sir Daria. On the other hand ,  Bar means “Great” in reference to the size or Age, like the name of the chronigrapher Bar-Hebraeus (source Theocharides G).

The name Bar Daria originated from a tribe of Turkish prisoners of the Hungarians. During the 10th century AD, these Turks settled by Byzantines in the valley of Axios River. This settlement took place in 934 AD, during the reign of Romanos A’ Lekapinos (920- 944). From the renaming of Axios into Var-Dar, these new Turkish settlers were named as Vardariote Turks.

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