Macedonia – Reports from Australian Newspapers regarding the Bulgarian Uprising of Ilinden Part II

Accounts of the llinden Uprising in Contemporary Australian newspapers, invariably echo how the Uprising was perceived by the general world media.

The reader will discover that according to the reports in the Newspapers, (as indeed in those of any other contemporary sources), the Insurgents were identified as the Bulgarians of Macedonia. A “Macedonian” ethnic group simply did not exist!!

 In accounts which refer to the ethnic make-up of Macedonia, the Slavs of the region were always described as being  Bulgarians, simply because this is precisely how they themselves identified!!

This fact is exemplified by the numerous references in many reports, to the ‘local Bulgarians’ of the Monastir and Krushevo district – the area in which the 1903 rebellion centred.

The following excerpts contain accounts of the Bulgarian Uprising of Ilinden, as it was recorded in a representative sample of contemporary Australian newspapers; The Brisbane Courier, The West Australian, The Advertiser and the Sydney Morning Herald.


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