Ivanov: “We are waiting from Greece to Renounce its Inflexible Position”

FYROM’s President Gjorge Ivanov in his office, decorated by the old flag of FYROM with the Vergina Star. One of the many good-will “Contributions” of FYROM’s President to a mutually acceptable solution.

Despite Greece keeps showing willingness to consider a mutual acceptable solution, FYROM insists on proving there is no way, they will ever budged from their hard Nationalistic line.

The Nationalistic Government of Nikola Gruevski along with the President of FYROM, Gjorge Ivanov,  frequently make it more than obvious that good will is not in FYROM’s calendar.  Furthermore, they are  not going to move a single inch in order to resolve the name issue.

The recent statements of FYROM’s President Gjorge Ivanov were more than ironic. In a situation where Greece has unilaterally gone more than halfway on the issue in good will, where in stark contrast, FYROM has done exactly Nothing for the solution of the name issue, the president of the former Yugoslav Republic stated  in a recent interview,  “Greece has to renounce its Inflexible Positions”.

It has been more than obvious that FYROM’s intransigent and negative stance towards the efforts to resolve the Name Issue is the main factor that a mutually acceptable solution has not been reached so far.

FYROM’s leaders who have  remained inflexible with their hard-line nationalistic stance, refusing to any compromise and undermining the ongoing UN-sponsored discussions to settle the issue will have no other to blame than themselves, when in the end their own decisions  will have eventually condemned their own country to a permanent isolation.

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Edessa says:

Better say, FYROM's Slavs have no right to use a name and its glorious history they have Nothing to do about. They look like Idiots to the entire world.

Dojran says:

You can not force a country to change it,s name.
Greece has no right to do such a thing and in the eye,s of the world they
look immature and fascistic.
What ever happened to the cradle of Civilization and Democracy?


you thing so?we can not force other country to change its name?and what about history?what about origin?no my friend skopje have there own history they must found another name…you speaking about fascist..tell me my friend it is fascistic to protect you rights?ΜΑΚΕΔΟΝΙΑ was greek and greek shall be in eternity…