SDSM: “Gruevski’s appeal for unity is hypocritical”

FYROM’s PM Gruevski appealed during Ilinden’s celebrations for “unity on crucial national issues”, but this appeal was strongly criticized by the opposing SDSM as hypocritical.

According to the SDSM announcement “If he [Gruevski] requests that we are united on decisions such as in the latest case where Martin Trenevski, famous for his anti-NATO and anti-EU standpoints, is appointed Ambassador to NATO, then we respond that we will not unite.”

It was pointed out further that Gruevski’s appeal is hypocritical since he was the one who orchestrated the divisions into ancient and Slavic Macedonians, traitors and patriots, eligible and ineligible journalists.

Furthermore Gruevski was strongly criticized by the opposition for using his speech in Krusevo to politicise the Ilinden celebrations.

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