Slav-Macedonian Australian newspaper prints falsifications

Australian Macedonian Advisory Council
August 05, 2010

The perennially racist and deceptive newspaper, the ´Australian Macedonian Weekly´, has again been caught printing fabrications.

An article in the July 20 edition of the AMW, on page 35, stated that “The Australian Greens are the only political party in Australia that openly supports Macedonia’s right to self-identification under its constitutional name.”

The Australian Macedonian Advisory Council (AMAC) contacted the Greens´ leadership to clarify whether it had such a policy. A letter from Brett Constable, National Manager of the Australian Greens Party, read as follows: “Thank you for your letter of 30 July referring to the Greens policy on the identification of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. The Greens do not have a policy on this issue.”

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