Kos – “Days of Homer “- marathon reading of the Odyssey tomorrow night

6 Αυγούστου 2010 (16:38 UTC+2)

With the singing – all-night reading of Homer’s Odyssey , the medieval castle of the island tomorrow, Saturday, August 7 , completed in the Dodecanese island events “Days of Homer . ”

A total of 200 readers of all ages and nationalities, official guests , students , foreign visitors and people from every corner of Greece will participate in an impressive reading marathon lasting 12 hours , reading or singing the lyrics of default in Homer’s Odyssey , Modern Greek , English or any language of their choice. At the same time , the first world will be screened throughout the excellent translation of Modern D. Maronite a giant screen , illustrated with relevant images .


The all-night reading of the Odyssey will begin at 8 pm an hour of music, a light supper and prepare for an evening that celebrates the traditions and artistic achievements of Homer. The event will ” dress ” music a unique set of Ancient Music , the Lyravlos – Greek Music Heritage Center ( www.lyravlos.gr ), With tunes that travel the public in time of Odysseus.


These Days, Homer returned to Greece after huge success worldwide and recently in Montevideo, Uruguay.


As part of the festival ” Hippocratic 2010 Kos, Homeric tribute has started from July , with the play ” The Tale of stories : Homer’s Odyssey ” Carmen Rougeri and continued during the first days of August with a series of cultural and educational events dedicated Homer and the time value of epics , with the participation of famous international literary organization ” by the Readers of Homer “(The Readers of Homer).


“The success of the Homeric readings demonstrate that culture and values can counter any sort of negativity that undermines our society , “wrote the newspaper “El Pais “in Montevideo on 25/05/2010 .


The list of participants in the marathon reading updated daily. Among the readers will be as follows :


Metropolitan – Kos – Nisyros Mr. Nathaniel


Nikitiadis -George , Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism


– Costas Skandalidis , a former interior minister


Marie – Kypraiou , governor Kos – Nisyros


-George Kyritsis , Mayor Kos


-William Mullen, καθηγητής – Dept. of Classics Bard College, Νέα Υόρκη, ΗΠΑ


-Kathryn Hohlwein, emeritus professor of Humanities , University of California, Sacramento


-Michael S. Genung, Professor of Language and Literature , Nihon University, Tokyo , Japan


-Larriera Margarita, director of the Maria Tsakos Foundation of Uruguay


– Yannis Simonides , director of the Greek Theatre in New York.




The ‘ Days Homer , made in the organizational and financial support Benefit Enterprise Culture of the Municipality of Kos under the auspices and participation of the Mayor of Kos, George Kiritsis , in cooperation with international non- profit organization ” by the Readers of Homer “(www.thereadersofhomer.org) Under the direction of Professor Catherine Cholgouin ( University of Sacramento, California ) and Yannis Simonides ( Greek ambassador in 2009 ) , cultural activities ENA (www.emse.gr) and the Foundation “Maria Tsakos” Uruguay (www.fundacionmariatsakos.org) Under the direction of Margaret Lariera ( Ambassador of Hellenism in 2010) .


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