FYROM without Credibility in United States

The good relations between FYROM and the United States, have begun to fall apart, according to a yesterday’s report of Utrinski Vesnik.

Diplomats from FYROM are not optimistic at all. “The United States is sick and tired of ‘Macedonia’.  This can be seen from the level and number of meetings.  The two states’ good ties are a thing of the past,” a diplomat from FYROM who monitors the US-FYROM relations says.  According to him, US  has expressed its position on FYROM’s NATO membership and the name dispute, but FYROM is  still moving in the opposite direction.  

According to another diplomat, things are not in reality what they look like to be in US-FYROM relations.  “There are no US officials’ visits to our state and our officials do not go to Washington, although all Balkan politicians, especially the Greek ones, have had some kind of a high-level meeting in the US capital, ” he stated.

 He added further that the FYROM’s PM Nikola Gruevski attended the US Prayer Breakfast only once, while any s meeting between Milososki and US officials  took place only at international meetings outside the United States.  There are Reports that indicate Washington was very irritated by the absence of the Foreign Minister Antonio Milososki from the Kabul conference on Afghanistan’s future, an event which not even the deputy foreign minister attended, because he was officially ill. However the Deputy Foreign Minister he took part in a state event as reported.

Utrinski Vesnik’s report mentions  the anti-NATO messages essentially sent by FYROM’s government both to Brussels and Washington, through newly appointed Ambassador [to NATO] Martin Trenevski and because of the downplaying of the results of the Afghanistan mission.

Last but not least, the newspaper refers to the treatment of the Deputy Secretary of State, Philip Gordon, during his latest visit to Skopje. At that time FYROM’s Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski pretended not to be able to meet him because of air traffic problems.

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