Alexander the Great in Hermitage Museum, Amsterdam (Sep 18 - March 18)

Alexander the Great
September 18 - March 18
Hermitage Museum, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Previously seen at the State Hermitage (Saint Petersburg) in 2007, this exhibition covers all the lands Alexander the Great (356 BC - 323 BC) came into contact with on his campaign of conquest in the East: Persia, Egypt, Afghanistan, India, up to the borders of Mongolia. “The immortal Alexander the Great:
The myth, the reality, his journey, his legacy” is the first exhibition to present Hellenism on such a large scale as a global process of reciprocal influence between different civilizations and cultures.
Paintings, tapestries and decorative art depicted Alexander’s life and history. The exhibition covers all these aspects, with objects from classical antiquity to the modern age, of Western and non-Western origins.

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