Search for Nazi-stolen finds

  (ANA-MPA) — A campaign for the repatriation of sculptures stolen from Larissa during the withdrawal of the Nazi troops in 1944 has been launched by a central Greece municipality. 

Sculptures that decorated archaic steles were looted by Nazi occupation forces from the Archaeological Museum of Larissa in November 1944, according to Thodoros Axenidis’ book, entitled “Pelasgis Larissa”. Many of the missing artifacts are on display in museums in Athens and Volos and a request for their return has already been made by the mayor of Larissa, in view of the opening of the city’s new museum.
However, a large number of the stolen antiquities are still unaccounted for and a number are believed to be in museums or private collections in Germany. (ANA-MPA)
The local government in Larissa will launch an effort to trace the German commander in the region at the time of the Nazi withdrawal or any of his close relatives to gather information on the artifacts’ fate. (ANA-MPA)
Caption: A file dated July 7, 2006 shows a statue of a female figure, one of the most noted such artifacts ever found in the Thessaly province of central Greece. The 80cm-tall statue — only the torso was found — depicts the mythical goddess Artemis, and is tentatively dated back to mid 1st century BC. ANA-MPA/STR

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