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Αυστραλία:Tεραστια επιτυχία του AMAC  για μια ακόμη φορα ξεσκεπάζει τους

αμετανόητους πλαστογράφους,ένα μεγάλο Μπράβο στο AMAC


14 October 2010


– the so-called ‘Australia-Greece Advisory Council’ is an internet façade created by Slav-Macedonians

As noted in an AMAC’s press release on 7 October, a group calling itself the“Australia-Greece Advisory Council (AGAC)” sent out a mass email condemning a lecture by Marcus Templar at the University of Notre Dame in Fremantle. According to the email, the so-called ‘AGAC’ “disapproves when bilateral issues between

Greece and its neighbouring countries are brought out on Australian Territory by Greek authorities and community organisations”. AMAC also noted in its press release that no record of the so-called “AGAC” is yielded in an ASIC company search and thus the organisation is not a registered entity.

AMAC has since learnt that the creators of this recently conceived internet facade are members the of Slav-Macedonians community. A snippet from the source code their

website ( reveals that Stojce Jakovceski is an author of the website:

<o:Author>Stojce Jakovceski</o:Author>

<o:LastAuthor>Stojce Jakovceski</o:LastAuthor>

View skopians0...jpg in slide show

Stojce Jakovceski is a known member of the Slav-Macedonian community of Western Australia. AMAC believes that the ‘AGAC’ was conceived by members of the Slav-Macedonian community in Western Australia and was specifically created in order to spread misinformation on the occasion of Marcus Templar’s lecture at the University of Notre Dame in Fremantle on October 5. AMAC has learnt that around 10 or so Slav-Macedonians attended the lecture

and attempted disrupt the lecture and to hand out hard copies of the ‘AGAC media release’ in question to the other 250 or so people who attended. A couple of these Slav-Macedonians came wearing red Vergina Sun t-shirts, as shown in the below picture:

It was brought to the attention of AMAC by the AHC NSW that Slav-Macedonian newspaper ‘AGAC’, in an attempt to portray disunity within the Greek-Australian community regarding the Macedonian issue (12/10/2010, p 33). AMAC would hope that this was a bona fide article from website was created by Slav-Macedonians.AMAC has learnt that the West Australian Slav-Macedonians who attended the lecture, including Stojce Jakovceski, are vocal supporters of the federal member for Cowan in Western Australia, Luke Simpins. Luke Simpkins is the main and most vocal Australian politician to express his support for the FYROM cause.

AMAC would like to express its disappointment at yet another instance where extremist members of the Slav-Macedonian have chosen dishonest and fraudulent means in order to promote their political cause. AMAC considers that dishonestly trying to pass themselves off as representative of the Greek-Australian community is a serious matter.

AMAC has lodged a formal complaint with the auDA, the regulatory body concerned with registration of .au internet domains, regarding the website of the so-called ‘AGAC’.

The original ‘media release’ email of the so-called ‘AGAC’ is appended to this press release.

Denes-Today also reported on the ‘media release’ of the so-calledDenes-Today and that the newspaper was unaware that the so-called ‘AGAC’ was fraudulently claiming to be a Greek organisation, when in fact its

Press contact:



Address: P.O Box 119 Abbotsford VIC 3067


Please find attached a Media Release regarding an address held today by

Fremantle Western Australia about the so called “Macedonian Issue” as highly provocative and totally uncalled for in multicultural Australia.

Mr Marcus Alexander Templar today at the Notre Dame University in

AGAC welcomes the teaching of the Greek language and culture in Australia but disapproves when bilateral issues between Greece and its neighbouring

countries are brought out on Australian Territory by Greek authorities and community organisations.

If Greece has an issue with the Republic of Macedonia then it should solve it like a model world citizen in direct bilateral talks with Skopje

and not try to convince the world that there are “No Macedonians”.

AGAC calls on Greece to accept modern day reality and that on this planet there are people who self-identify as Macedonians who are no threat in any

way shape or format to the Greek Nation. Contrary to this “official view” the Macedonians are some of the best friends the Greek nation has.

Kind regards,

Australia Greece Advisory Council


PO Box 843

Moonee Ponds VIC 3039



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