Quiz for FYROM’s Slavs regarding the Ethnicity of Ancient Macedonians

Since the Slavs of FYROM insist on defying not only the overwhelming evidence coming from Ancient Literary and Archaeological sources but also Common Sense, i have a simple Quiz for them.

During CLASSICAL GREECE (5th to 4th centuries BC - i.e. from the fall of the Athenian tyranny in 510 BC to the death of Alexander the Great in 323 BC),

…Can anyone find me even One (1) NON-GREEK ancient people who applied ALL the following attributes of the ancient Macedonians and the rest of Greeks?


1. A Non-Greek people identifying themselves as Greeks.

2. A Non-Greek people considered by others as Greeks.

3. A Non-Greek people having Greek Names.

4. A Non-Greek people speaking Greek language.

5. A Non-Greek people sharing the same religion as Greeks

6. A Non-Greek people having the same heroes as Greeks

7. A Non-Greek people having the same myths as Greeks

8. A Non-Greek people spreading everywhere Greek Language and Culture,

9. A Non-Greek people building Greek cities,

10. A Non-Greek people participating in Pan-Hellenic Games,

11. A Non-Greek people participating in Amphictionies.

12. A Non-Greek peope using the same architecture as Greeks

All these above characteristics were attributed ONLY to Greek people. If FYROM’s Slavs claim that ancient Macedonians were allegedly NOT Greeks, then find us a non-Greek people who shared ALL these characteristics of the Macedonians and the rest of Greeks during Classical Greece.

By Giannis + Deppy

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