After 4 years FYROM’s officials remembered that the EC uses the term ‘language of the state’

After 4 whole years, FYROM’s Officials remembered to protest for the exclusion of the term “Macedonian” regarding language in the recent EC Progress Report.
 FYROM’s President Gjorge Ivanov demand from the EUSR Fouere to explain the exclusion of the term, sounded comical, since as FYROM’s “Dnevnik” exposed, the term “Macedonian language” was not used since 2006, and the term “language of the state” is used since 2008 on.
All these years, there were No Reactions at all from FYROM’s officials, which by itself proves the latest uproar in the former Yugoslav Republic to be quite hypocritical.
Dvenik underlined that the leading were focused on the non-mentioned term of “Macedonian language” and the usage of “language of the state, in the attempt to defocus from the main issues of the report, like  the assessments of the EU Commission about the shortages in the judicial systems, state administration, economy, freedom of press. – News Section

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