Latest news on Jovan Vraniskovski’s case

According to the latest infos, the Bulgarian authorities extended the detention measure for the bishop Jovan Vraniskovski to 72 hours.

At the same time, the Head of the Serbian Orthodox Church, Irinej, is reported to have appealed both to the Serbian and Bulgarian Presidents in order to reach an agreement for the release of the bishop.

FYROM’s Media report that the bishop owns also a Serbian citizenship, which means he might use it as an argument to be extradited to Serbia instead of in FYROM, where he is expected to serve a prison term of 30 months.

We remind that Jovan Vraniskovski is the head of the autonomous Orthodox Ohrid Archbishopric and has been detained at the Kalotina border checkpoint of the Bulgarian-Serbian border on Wednesday night.

He has been detained several times by FYROM’s authorities on various unjustified charges which has caused in the past an uproar of International Reactions and condemnations of FYROM’s authorities.