Rare ancient Greek bronze statue - Alexander Dioskouros

Extremely rare Hellenistic depiction

A very rare Ancient Greek Hellenistic bronze figure of Alexander the Great in the guise of a Dioskouros, dating to approximately 100 B.C.

The small bronze is monumental in style, showing a heroic, nude youth with weight on his right foot, right arm raised, originally holding a lance and left hand resting on his left thigh. The hair is swept back at the front, with a cap surmounted by a disc bearing six-pointed star.

The felt cap and star are attributes of the Dioskouroi, Castor and Pollux. However, the bronze is clearly inspired by Lysippian portraits of Alexander the Great, in his pose as Doryphoros (lance bearer). It is known that statues of Alexander the great are often associated with the Dioskouroi in the Graeco-Roman world, and Eisenberg et. al. have extended this to Etruria in their catalogue of the Morven collection.1

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