FYROM out of Lisbon’s Summit Agenda

NATO Summit in lisbon, Photo @ acus.org

The NATO Summit in Lisbon turned out to be a Pyrrhic Victory, according to FYROM’s Kanal 5. For the frustration of FYROM’s officials, the country’s constitutional name was heard only once, namely in a footnote of Turkey.

Although the message from NATO’s officials was loud and clear “FYROM will be admitted as a de facto NATO member only after a mutually acceptable solution to the name dispute with Greece is found”, FYROM’s officials only recently seemed to comprehend it as soon as they found once again NATO’s alliance doors close to them.

Certainly they should blame noone else but themselves and their Nationalistic stance.

As Kanal 5 reports: «Contrary with Bucharest, now in Lisbon, during the official meetings, noone refered to the country. If something relevant was discussed in unofficial meetings noone knows. Not even the Swedish Minister of Foreign Affairs, Carl Bild, who tried last year to press the situation so that our country to get a Starting Date for negotiations, during the period of Sweden’s EU chairmanship, didnt wish now to say anything about us.”

On the other hand, as the same source underlines, the Greek delegation, in Lisbon, was moderate but with evident self-confidence.

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