FYROM: Media critical of Gruevski’s Nationalistic Government effectively being dismantled

police outside a1 channel

Photo @ Echedoros-a Blog

Freedom of the press is in decline in FYROM and things are getting worst each day.

According to a recent announcement of  FYROM’s A1, found on its Website: “ Α1 Channel is under Police Siege. More than 10 policemen and many police cars surrounded the building of our Channel and do not permit anyone to enter or get out

Without any explanation, without any warrant, contrary to the laws, all journalists from A1’s tv channel and cameramen cannot enter in the building in order to work,” the editor of the website adds.

Up to now, noone from the policemen explained why A1 is under Police Siege, not allowing anyone to enter the Channel’s building.

This is the second attempt to Silence of the FYROM’s Channel by Gruevski’s Government, without any charge.

The channel, as it claims, will inform all the foreign embassies in the country, and also the Representatives of the European Commission, since the competent minister can not be found in order to give the appropriate explanations why A1 had been gagged.

Its increasingly worrying to witness frequently the culture of censorship that seems to be developing at a government level in FYROM and always strike accidentaly all these Media who dare to be critical of Gruevski’s Regime.

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