Wikileaks release (November 2010) on the Macedonian dispute

The following classified information was released by Wikileaks yesterday regarding the Macedonian dispute between Greece and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) (translated from

“Different methods used to convince the Greek side to remove the requirement for change to the passports of FYROM (i.e. to replace the designation of the nationality of FYROM as “Macedonia”, which is currently displayed on the passports, by another adjective) was attempted at the end of 2009 by U.S. and French officials (Mr. Jean-David Levitt). One classified document from the U.S. State Department, referred to meetings on September 11, 2009 that the assistant U.S. Secretary of State, Mr. Philip Gordon conducted with senior officials from the French government. In this meeting in Paris, Mr. Gordon and Mr. Levitt discussed the (then upcoming) elections in Greece on October 4, 2009 as: ´Mr. Levitt expressed his optimism that a new Greek government will be more stable and would allow greater flexibility for progress in the dispute between Greece and Skopje on the name issue´.

In response, Mr. Gordon agreed that ´a more solid conservative or a socialist government would be a stronger and more flexible negotiating partner in dealing with this issue´. Indeed, he expressed his hope that if the international community could convince FYROM to abandon the idea of a referendum (whereby, as said by PM Gruevski), Skopje citizens would approve or reject a possible compromise, and if Greece was persuaded to abandon the need for change of passports, then the issue could progress to a possible solution.

The main issue for Greece here is that in the event of a solution, how will the passports of FYROM citizens be modified? Will the change appear only in the name of the country, or will it also be reflected on the identification of the people? It is possible, for example, FYROM be named (the reference is random) ‘Northern Macedonia’, and the citizens of the country be referred to as ´Macedonians´? Or will they be known as ´Northern Macedonians´?

Even today the official name of the neighboring country is FYROM; the nationality of FYROM is formally ´of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia´. Another major problem is the ongoing effort of Skopje to show the existence of a Macedonian ethnic identity, and therefore the existence of so-called ´ethnic Macedonians´.

After this latest release from Wikileaks, it is fairly obvious to all what kind of role the U.S. playing in order to resolve the Macedonian dispute.”

Australian Macedonian Advisory Council

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What about Paeono-Dardania becoming the new name of FYROM-Skopje?