Is history of a people transferable?

By Nick Michael Hodges

There are people out there ,self-identified or self-ascribed as “Macedonians” who believe that the history of a people of a neighboring country can be shared with, taken away or transferred to themselves because their country cannot exist or function without a history and, therefore, since the South Slavonian Slavic people of that country don´t have one or think that whatever little history they have is not significant enough to feel proud and honored by it. Obviously, they feel justified to use, steal or expropriate the history of their southern neighbors, namely the Greeks and , in particular, the history of the Greek people of Macedonia because not only it makes it possible for them to acquire a foreign history for themselves but, at the same time, it allows them to indulge themselves in some sort of irredentist ambitions for foreign land speculation, namely the much coveted Macedonian Greek land.

We Greeks in general and especially the Macedonian Greek people are proud and honored to have so much history despite the fact that we are a small country. So, then, we will invest any amount of effort to defend our history against the South Slavonian Slavs who think that they can steal, take away or try to transfer our Macedonian Greek history over to themselves by simply replicating or assigning the names Macedonia/Macedonian to their country or themselves although neither their country nor the South Slavonian people of that country ever had much to do with Macedonia or the Macedonian people who have always been Greek or Hellenic people and the greatest champions of Hellenism throughout the world they had under their control at that time.

So, how is then that the Macedonian Greek people know their history that happened more than two and a half thousand years ago? I t is so because it was passed on to them from one generation to another and there are hundreds if not thousands of books that have been written about them including all the archaeological tombs, artifacts, and inscriptions one can find by visiting their famous Macedonian land and not Paeonia and Dardania which happens to be for the most part the country inhabited by the South Slavonian Slavs who fraudulently call their land “Macedonia” and themselves “Macedonians” to confuse, misinform ,mislead and deceive the world regarding the true identity of ancient and modern Macedonia.

Well, I would like to ask my readers. Who are or have been the Macedonian people? Are they Slavs or Greeks? If they were Slavs, then the Slavic people existed in the Balkans long before the Slavic invasions in the Balkans. However, this would contradict the historical fact which tells us that it was the Paeonians and Dardanians who ruled the land that is now inhabited by the South Slavonian Slavs. So, then the Slavic people were not there when the Macedonian Greek people were fighting the Paeonians or Dardanians. They were not there when St. Paul visited Napoli, Filippi , Amphipoli, Apollonia, Thessaloniki, etc., all of which were cities or towns located in Macedonia, Greece and all of them inhabited by Macedonian Greek people who spoke a Greek language because they were Greek people themselves as there were no other kind of people in historic and classic Macedonia the only Macedonia St. Paul had ever known and had decided to visit and preach the Word of God.

The Slavic people were not there when Rome ruled over Macedonia and Greece. So, when did these Slavic people come down the Balkans? They came in later on and around the sixth or seventh century A.D. So, then, what does that mean? It simply means that the Macedonian people were not Slavic people and, at the same time, the Slavic people were never Macedonian people.

The conclusion is simple and easy. The Macedonians were Greek people. As a matter of fact they were the Greek people living in the geographical area of Macedonia.

Now that we know who are the Macedonian people, let´s see where is Macedonia located and where else could it be but where it has always been and that location lies in northern Greece because it never moved up northwards but it stayed always in the same old place where it has been for millennia.

So, then, why do the South Slavonian Slavs want to call their country which is not historically Macedonia but Paeonia and Dardania by the fraudulent name “Macedonia”? Obviously, because they want the history of Macedonia to be transferred to them just by simply using the same Macedonia/Macedonia names for themselves although, as I said earlier, they have nothing to do with either the Macedonian land or the Macedonian people but they, as obscure as they are, they want to have a famous history which, although never was theirs, they want to make it their own by a rather subtle and fraudulent transfer of those two Macedonia/Macedonian names to their own country and themselves in order to be allowed to use them as their own although they never had any historical ,cultural or legal rights to those two names which are part of our history and should remain exclusively Greek as they have been for over two and a half thousand years.

Of course, it is not just the history they are after but the desire to forge a Slavic identity to Macedonia and their self-indulgence for even more Macedonian land after they were able to secure for themselves some Macedonian land with the help of their former allies, namely, the Bulgarians and the Serbians who sooner or later will ask for it back.

I would like to ask my readers the following question. Is a people´s history important and second is it transferable to another neighboring people because they need one in order to exist and acquire some famous identity that they do not have? History is not just important for those that need it but it is even more important for those that have and have invested a lifetime to preserve it, secure it and defend it.

We are the Macedonians , that is , the Greek people of historic and classic Macedonia, the Macedonian province of northern Greece and we are the only true descendants of the ancient Macedonians as well as, you may say, the children of Alexander the Great and nobody else can or should be eligible or even allowed to make such claim especially the South Slavonian Slavs who are at least one thousand years apart from the Macedonian facts and functions that describe and distinguish the real and true Macedonians from the South Slavonian Slav impostors.

The Macedonians are Greeks and not Slavs like the South Slavonians, Serbians, Bulgarians, Kroatians, Slovenians, etc. and these Slavic people are not just Slavs because they all speak their own Slavic language but they speak a Slavic language because they are Slavic people.

Of course, not everybody that speaks English is an Englishman but whether it was the U.S. of America or Canada, Australia, or New Zealand, etc., they were all English Colonies which were founded by English people and that is the reason they all speak the same English language.

There is no similarity or parallel between the English speaking countries and the Slav speaking countries. Therefore , we can conclude that there may be a non-Slavic country in which some of the people speak the Slavic language but they are not Slavs while the South Slavonian people of former Yugoslavia speak a Serbo-Bulgarian language because they are Slavic people like all the other Slavs in the Balkans. So, the South Slavonian people are Slavs and no Macedonian but pseudo-Macedonian and anti-Macedonian people who stand against anything the real ant true Macedonian people represented and fought for and that is HELLENISM.

Finally, there is no such thing as ” phantom” Slavs but only real South Slavonian Slavs who have been Macedonized to become Makedomani janissaries that will promote the Macedonia identity fraud and be willing and ready to fight for the dream of transferring the Macedonian Greek history to the South Slavonian Slavs and thus, hopefully, forge a Slavic identity to Macedonia and the Macedonians in order to make it possible that a South Slavonian ethnic metamorphosis may create the new pseudo-Macedonian and anti-Macedonian people of the twentieth century and a newly created homeland with the fraudulent name of “Macedonia”.

In conclusion, is our Macedonian Greek history important? I say that it is very important and worth fighting for it so that nobody will ever dare even think that our history or any part of it may be transferable to the South Slavonian Slavs who need to make their own history and not try to take it from others, namely, the Macedonian Greek people who are not about to give anything away to the phony and fraudulent pseudo-Macedonian impostors.

However, many times I sit down and think how is it possible that so many people, whether University professors, journalists, historians, politicians or Government Officials have been so misinformed, misled and deceived to believe or accept that there were two or more Macedonian lands and an equal number of Macedonian people and, therefore, they accepted to recognize, as Macedonia and Macedonians not the ones that really were so by facts and function of their people´s deeds for more than two millennia but unfortunately the country which was historically known as Paeonia and Dardania and only for the last hundred years they have been known to use for their land and its people the “Macedonia/Macedonian” names which had never been used by them for that purpose at any other time before in their history.

I, also, like to believe that many countries have been either willingly or unwillingly victimized and fell into a trap by recognizing this new country by the fraudulent name “Macedonia” because they either did not know anything about the fraudulent name of Macedonia or did not care about or did not know what they were doing as they were overlooking the identity fraud of the Macedonian Greek name and at the same time they were somewhat conspiring to remove the Hellenic identity from the Macedonia/Macedonian names and forge a Slavic identity to those two names. In simple English it looks like it was an unintended attempt to transfer the Macedonian Greek history and heritage to the South Slavonian Slavic people just by doing a political recognition of that country and let them keep the Macedonia/Macedonian names as part of that deal. Are there any countries in this world that would have tolerated such a fraudulent theft of their history? I often ask myself why is the Greek government ant the people of that country not fighting back to restore justice and horror to their country and themselves? Are the Greek people afraid to defend their historical and cultural rights? Aren´t they proud of their history and their Macedonian heritage ? Yes, they are unless they feel they have too much of it and, even if some people steal some of it, there is plenty more of it left but it may not be much left soon if the Greek people do not do something about it and not only put a stop on the theft of their history but claim it all back from the South Slavonian Slavs who might even ask for more otherwise.

The ” Macedonian name ” issue reminds me of the biblical story of Christ and Barabbas. Pontius Pilate acquitted Barabbas and ordered the Crucifixion of Christ because Barabbas´s followers yelled louder. I sit down and wonder whether and when there is going to be a resurrection for the political crucifixion of Macedonia´s Hellenism and how long is it going to take for those Government officials and all others to realize that they either intentionally or unintentionally appeared to have shown almost total disregard towards the fraud that was used to cover up the Macedonian identity theft of the Macedonian Greek people and the forgery that was employed to deceitfully assign a Slavic identity to Macedonia/Macedonian names which had always been Hellenic for more than two and a half millennia. I strongly believe that the time has come and, it is never too late, for all those involved willingly or unwillingly in the fraud and the forgery of the Greek people of Macedonia to realize the damage they have done to them and their Macedonian province of Greece and, therefore, try to rectify the wrong doing committed to Macedonia, Greece and its Macedonian Greek people, the true and actual Macedonian people the world had ever known before the usurpation of the Macedonia/Macedonian names by the South Slavonian Slavs of former Yugoslavia.


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