UN Chief on FYROM Name Issue

New York (ANA-MPA/P. Panagiotou) — UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon expressed hope that the FYROM name issue will be resolved speedily, in a statement in Berlin on Thursday after a meeting with the German President.

Ban said that the issue has been discussed with his personal envoy on the FYROM name issue, Matthew Nimetz, who has held talks with the countries concerned.

The UN chief expressed sincere hope that the name issue, which has been outstanding for many years and has substantial effects on bilateral relations and relations in the region, will be resolved as soon as possible, in reply to a question on the name dispute between Greece and FYROM.

Ban added that he will do his best to encourage his envoy and the sides concerned — the governments of Greece and FYROM — to engage in the dialogue with sincerity.

Nimetz is due to hold his next meeting with the Greek and FYROM representatives to the name talks on February 9 in New York.

Source: ana-mpa.gr

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gus vlahos says:

The Skopians need to give it a rest. Every educated person knows that Makedonia was and is a part of Greece. These Fyromians need to understand that they are a part of Bulgaria, They speak the same language. Slovakian speakers came in the region between the 5th and 7th century A.D. Greek speaking Alexander the great and Makedonia before him go back to 1100 B.C. This propaganda will not work in favor for Fyrom which should be called Vardaskar. All ancient relics found from Makedonia are in Greek. Are the Fyromians then saying that they are Greeks that got tied up behind the borders? Then thats another story. In that case they should unite with Greece and become one country under Greek rule.