Outrageous Statements by FYROM’s Mayor equating European countries with Nazi Germany

FYROM - Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

A recent outrageous statement by the Mayor of Monastiri (Bitola) equating the current policies of European Countries with those of Fascist Germany is emblematic of the anti-European climate promoted in FYROM.

The Mayor of Monastiri, Vladimir Taleski is reported by FYROM’s A1 to have stated that EU is ruled by Fascism and made inappropriate parallels between the policies of European Countries and Nazi Germany. The event took place during the opening of the exhibition dedicated to the deportation of Monastiri’s Jews.

According to A1, the Consul General of Greece in FYROM left the meeting in the middle of the speech while the Mayor was attacking the ambassadors and representatives of foreign countries in FYROM.

Similar hideous comments are part of a long history of unprecedented assaults against EU and European Representatives by FYROM’s officials. After all, its a common trait among FYROM’s officials to point the finger elsewhere blaming always the others for their own faults.

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