The Argead Dynasty of Macedonia

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The House of Temenides of Argos starting from 1200 BC (according to Herodotus)

Karanos (his name is related with the foundation of the city of Aiges,the city which has been the capital city of all of all Makedon kings upt to Archelaos and the nekropolis of every king except Alexander the Great and Perseus)
Perdikkas A’
Philippos A’
Aeropos A’
Amyntas A’ approx. 540-498 BC
Alexandros A’ approx. 498-450/440 BC
Perdikkas B’ 450/440-413 BC
Archelaos 413-399 BC
Orestes 399-396 BC
Aeropos B’ 396-393 BC
Amyntas B’ 393 BC
Pafsanias 393-392 BC
Amyntas Γ’ 393-370 BC
Alexandros B’ 370-369/368 BC
Ptolemaios Alorites 369/8-365 BC
Perdikkas Γ’ 365-359 BC
Amyntas Δ’
Fillipos B’ 359-336 BC
Alexandros Γ’ (The Great) 336-323 BC
Filippos Γ’-Αrridaios
Alexandros Δ’

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