How can you lose a country you never had? – Unmistakable facts.

articles1 Απογραφές πληθυσμού στη γειτονιά μας.

Nick Michael Hodges
March 14, 2011
How many people in the world today happen to know how the South Slavonian Slavs were able to steal the Macedonian, therefore Greek, identity of the ancient Macedonian people and part of their Macedonian land and yet they managed to, almost, get away with it.

Before and after the Macedonian identity theft, the South Slavonian Slavs have totally engaged themselves in the deplorable trade of lying, misleading and deceiving the people of the world by either disputing or denying the Macedonian Hellenic identity. However, on the other hand they have been extremely preoccupied and obsessed with the “Macedonization”of themselves and the fraudulent contention that they are or have become the modern Macedonian people that the world had never heard of them before. Of course, they did not do all that by themselves and without the help of the other Slavic people that made up at that time the former Yugoslavia but also with the assistance of other foreign people who were willing to accept bribery in order for the South Slavonian Slavs to promote their deceptive scam of usurping the Macedonian identity for themselves by means of fraud and forgery which was even overlooked or ignored by some historians and other scholars as long as there was a monetary or whatever other possible reward for them.

Let´s look a little further and see what happens when the South Slavonian Slavs decide to devise a plan that denies the Hellenic identity of Macedonia and at the same time assigns to themselves a fraudulent ´Macedonian” identity by means of the indoctrination process of the “Macedonization” fraud scam which makes some people perceive the Macedonian Hellenic identity somewhat like an ordinary Greek fable than a real historic Greek fact that it has been for more than two and a half millennia .Needless to say that the “Macedonization” fraud scam appears to look that it has successfully although deceptively transformed the South Slavonian Slavs into the possibly new breed of “Macedonians” who may become acceptable but, rather mistakenly, by some people who are either not aware of their “Macedoniazation” fraud scam or they are willing to ignore and disregard it for obviously different reasons. It is almost like in a court of law where the defense attorney manages to create, as they say, reasonable doubt and, thus, the crime of fraud not only does not get to be punished but the perpetrator gets to be acquitted of his crime.

I am almost certain that the Macedonian identity fraud scam would never had taken place, if the Greek people of ancient Macedonia had thought about copyrighting and securing their Greek identity with some sort of a patent that would have protected their Macedonian Greek identity but they did not just like the Greek people of the other City-States did not do so because, obviously, none of them would have ever thought possible that one of those people, the Macedonian Greek people would have been challenged by the South Slavonian Slavs of former Yugoslavia to prove their Hellenism or even worse than that to have the Macedonian Hellenism denied by them.

I do not think that there have been any people in antiquity or at the present time and, if there have been or are there any right now, I would like to know how many of them, if any at all, can come up with any copyrighted patent documentation regarding their national, ethnic or even their so-called constitutional identity of themselves and their country. What strikes me the most is that the South Slavonian Slavs who are challenging the Macedonian Hellenism do not have any established or even a recognized yet identity for themselves and, since, national, ethnic or regional identities are not or cannot be copyrighted, could that be used as an excuse by the South Slavonian Slavs to be permitted to copy or appropriate the Macedonian Greek identity but without its Greekness and use it, fraudulently, for themselves?

I would like to continue with this discussion by looking into and analyzing my next important argument. If the Macedonians are Greek people, then, obviously, only Greeks can be Macedonians. On the other hand, if the Macedonians were Slavic people, then obviously again, only South Slavonian Slavs could be Macedonians. Both of my assumptions are possible and reasonable and need to be examined in several perspectives.

If the Macedonians were Greek people, they must have things in common with themselves. They both must have existed concurrently and in their own separate but neighboring self-governed territorial kingdoms or city-states. They both must have spoken the same or similar language and belong to the same Hellenic race and above all, they both must have participated in wars against each other or against foreign enemies, such as the Persians of antiquity. Needless to say that all of the above are true statements and show without any, say, reasonable doubt that the Macedonians and the Greeks were both Hellenic people with some cultural or political differences that were so typical of all the City-States or kingdoms of ancient Greece at that time.

Now let´s look at the other group of people who are so passionately competing for the same “Macedonian” title for themselves. Again, I say that, if the Macedonians were Slavic people such as the South Slavonian Slavs, then by the same token, they both must have existed concurrently and in their own separate but self-governed territorial kingdoms or some sort of city-states. They both must have spoken the same or similar language and belong to the same Hellenic race and above all, they both must have participated in wars against each other or against foreign enemies, such as the Persians of antiquity. Almost, if not, all of the above statements are not true which shows without, say again, any reasonable doubt that the Macedonians and the South Slavonians of former Yugoslavia have nothing in common with the Macedonians and they are absolutely different people and above all they speak two different and mutually unintelligible languages and last but not least no South Slavonian Slav people ever existed when the Macedonians and the other Greeks alike were getting ready to fight against the Persians and spread Hellenism throughout the world they were able to occupy and control.

However, Alexander the Great may have used Paeonians and Dardanians to train as soldiers for his army as they were the only people inhabiting the existing territories north of Macedonia at that time and no South Slavonian Slavs ever existed there because if there were any, they would have been subjugated and forced to contribute soldiers for his army and if that may have been the case, then the South Slavonian Slavs may have had made some contribution to ancient Macedonia and that might have been an excuse to use that Macedonian name for themselves. Obviously, there were never any South Slavonian Slavs there to be used for any possible military service by Alexander the Great but only Greek people who were willing and able to offer military service or any other kind of Greek services that were needed or requested by Alexander the Great and his army. So, I want to ask my readers who are or have been the Macedonians, if not GREEK. Could it that the Macedonians were non-Greek people or perhaps South Slavonian Slavs who can only trace their ancestry to the Sixth or seventh A.D.? The answer is no, no, never. There has been nothing ever found to disprove the Hellenism of the Macedonians and the Hellenic identity of their land while, on the other hand, there is nothing there to connect the South Slavonian Slavs with the Macedonians other than the “Macedonization” fraud scam which allows them, but fraudulently, to make only a simply nominal and unsubstantiated connection which provides no proof of “Macedonian” evidence for the South Slavonian Slavs of former Yugoslavia.

The following facts speak for themselves and they provide an unmistakable evidence for the Macedonian Hellenism while they unveil and expose even further the Macedonian Greek identity fraud by the South Slavonian Slavs and their “Macedonization” fraud scam with which they aspire to forge a Slavic identity to the Macedonian Hellenic land.

1. Macedonia has been as much a foreign country to the South Slavonian Slavs as the Macedonian name has been foreign to them and their Serbo-Bulgarian language.

2. Macedonia has not been divided as there was not any Macedonia to divide but only a Macedonian territory that had been under the Ottoman Empire occupation and control for about five hundred years.

3. The Greeks who have been the indigenous people of Macedonia did not invade their Macedonian fatherland but fought against the Bulgarians and the Serbians in the years 1912 and 1913 in order to save their Macedonian land from the Bulgarian and Serbian foreigners who threatened to occupy it by the use of force.

4. Part of the Macedonian land territory was, unfortunately, taken away and permanently so from its Macedonian Greek owners because it was an uneven battle for the Greeks, as it was one against two, and the Greek people of Macedonia lost the Macedonian region of Pellagonia to the Serbians who were forced lately to cede not only the Pellagonian region but also the occupied Paeonian and Dardanian territories to the South Slavonian Slavs who now claim all three of those occupied territories as their own since Serbia did not have the military power to defend them and keep them for themselves.

5. The Greeks did not occupy or steal any foreign territory that ever belonged to the South Slavonian Slavs but, unfortunately, they were forced to fight the Bulgarians and the Serbians in order to reclaim and incorporate into the mainland most of the Macedonian land that was rightfully theirs. The only occupied Macedonian or non-Macedonian territories are those that have been known in the last century as the “Pirin Macedonia” or the “Vardar Macedonia” which are now under the Bulgarian or the South Slavonian control respectively.

6. Macedonia did not ever belong to any other people or was ever inhabited by any other people other than the Greek people. Therefore, no other people, such as ,the South Slavonian Slavs should ever try to willfully deceive themselves or others by saying that the Macedonian land territories did ever, but never, belonged to them or were ever, but never, inhabited by them at any time in antiquity or any other time since then.

7. The Macedonian Greek people, who are the only true Macedonian people in the world, have been fighting since antiquity for national unity and one Greek nation under God with liberty and justice for all the people of Greece. There is no room for autonomy or independence of Macedonia or any other geographic Greek territory as we have solved long ago this ancestral divisiveness among kingdoms or city-states once and for all.

8. The Greek people of Macedonia are and have been the exclusive descendants of the ancient Macedonians and no South Slavonian Slavs can ever dare make such a claim because they may be the descendants of a lot of people but not, ever the descendants of the ancient Macedonians who have always been Greek and never Slavs of any descent.

9. Spreading Christianity was done through the revival of the Hellenistic Greek civilization which flourished in the Byzantine Empire and brought Christianity to all the Slavic people and at the same time it made possible for them to develop a written language for themselves.

10. The so-called “koine” or properly known as the Greek “koine” language had evolved during the time of Alexander the Great and it was spoken by all the soldiers in his army. It was the language of the Hellenistic years and the international language of commerce throughout his Empire. It has been also the language of the New Testament as well as the language used to translate the Old Testament. The fact is that the Greek “koine” language is a Greek language, a common language used by all the Greek speaking people after the classical period. That is, a language spoken and understood by all the Greek speaking people regardless of whether they resided in Macedonia, Thessaly, Epirus, Pelloponesus, etc.

11. The Greek “koine” language that was spoken by Alexander the Great, his Macedonian army and all the other Greeks has absolutely NOTHING in common with the language spoken by the South Slavonian Slavs who love to call, but fraudulently, their Serbo-Bulgarian language, “Macedonian” and confuse it with the Greek “koine” which, again, they like to call, you guessed it right, “Macedonian”, so that they can get away with the “Macedonian” name for their language and for their themselves.

12. The Greek “koine” is not and has never been the language of the South Slavonan Slavs. They couldn´t and they wouldn´t be able to learn it even if they wanted to do so because the Greek “koine” is not a spoken language any longer and even if they did, the language alone was not going to make them be Macedonian people because they would not have been able to justify its use without the Macedonian Greekness or the Macedonian Hellenism they have never had since they have always been Slavic people.

13. It should have become clear by now that Alexander´s language, the Greek “koine”, is and has always been Greek and the fact that it was used by all the other Greeks as well as by the Macedonians alike does not make the ´koine” a Slavic language and, therefore permit the South Slavonian Slavs to call, but fraudulently, their Serbo-Bulgarian language by using the “Macedonian” adjective for it.

14. There cannot be there legally a “Macedonian” state, a “Macedonian” ethnic and national identity and a “Macedonian” language or a “Macedonian” people because the Macedonian state and the Macedonian people have been Greek and their language was the Greek “koine” language. If we allow a new South Slavonian Slav state and the South Slavonian Slav people become the modern ´Macedonian´ state and the modern “Macedonian´´ people, then the modern “Macedonian” state and its people will get confused and identified with the ancestral

Macedonian state and its people while the really ancestral Macedonian state and its people will, but fraudulently disappear and cease to exist, and, therefore, the modern “Macedonian” state and its people will be able to establish , again fraudulently, a Macedonian continuity with the antiquity and be allowed to claim everything for themselves. That means that the Macedonian Greek history, culture and heritage may, consequently, change its Hellenic “national ownership” for the benefit of the South Slavonian Slavs while the Greek legacy of Macedonia or even the Macedonian Greek land may get to become the expropriation goal for their future.

The dual “Macedonian” identity fraud scam, one for the Greeks and another one for the South Slavonian Slavs was created in the beginning to justify their existence as the “Macedonian” Slavs or the modern “Macedonians” as they like to call themselves now. The big difference is that the Macedonian identity for the Greeks represents the people of the administrative province of Macedonia which is located in northern Greece while the “Macedonian” identity for the South Slavonian Slavs represents the people of a newly formed country, which is, fraudulently, called “Macedonia”.

What I am trying to show here is that the use of the name “Macedonian” by the South Slavonian Slavs and the name “Macedonia” by their country victimizes the Hellenic identity of the historic and classic Macedonia and at the same time it undermines the sovereignty of Hellenic Macedonia although as I have said earlier neither the South Slavonian Slavs nor their country have anything to do with the historic and classic Macedonia and its Hellenic people. In other words, the criminal is shouting out loud to chase the land lord out of his own house. It is not going to happen because all of us will work together to expose, contest and defeat the fraud and the forgery.

Finally, I think that I have said enough to unveil and expose the “Macedonization” fraud scam which is a sinister plot and its main goal is to take away, although fraudulently, the Macedonian legacy and land from the Macedonian Greeks and transfer it, fraudulently again, to the South Slavonian Slavs of former Yugoslavia because the Greek people did not take much action as a nation to contest it and defeat it, since they thought that they will be accused as being national chauvinists or maximalists. However, it is never too late when the truth is on their side and sooner or later it will prevail and the Macedonian Greek people will be vindicated once and for all.

In conclusion, while the South Slavonian Slavs of former Yugoslavia were concerned about losing a country they never had, they suddenly struck a double-header and, thus, they were able not only to get Serbian land and create a country that they never had but, at the same time, they managed to appropriate for themselves and their country the fraudulent “Macedonian”/”Macedonia” names Greek names which they usurped so shamelessly from the Greek people of the Macedonian province of northern Greece.

It is possible that the Serbian people may or may not get back the land that was ceded to their South Slavonian Slavs and former Yugoslav comrades but the Macedonian Greek people do not want to wait any longer and, so, they want their Macedonian Greek identity name back now or as soon as possible and the South Slavonian Slavs of former Yugoslavia must comply promptly in order to facilitate the long overdue settlement of the name dispute with the Former Yugoslav Republic of “Macedonia” and show a sincere interest to negotiate a solution that will be mutually acceptable by both people, the South Slavonian Slavs and the Greeks.

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