Skopje is celebrating for the blunder of our defense lawyer!

Skopje are referred to as Macedonia on the website of the law firm to which the British professor James Crawford is working, hired by the Foreign Affairs ministry to defend the Greek positions on the International Court of Justice in Hague. In fact, the Skopje appeal against Greece for violation of the Interim Agreement is being tried these days!

The Skopje media, such as the highly propagandistic, are «cheering» for this, caustically commenting that in the hall of the International Court of Justice, the legal representative of Greece refers to Skopje as «FYROM» and outside as «Macedonia»!

In particular, and on the website of the «MATRIX» law firm, to which Crawford is working, and on the page with his curriculum including the affairs for which he has worked, our national judicial dispute in Hague is referred to as «Macedonia VS Greece»!

After the uproar caused at Wednesday noon, this specific file was removed from the said curriculum…

Circles of the Foreign Affairs ministry, who confirmed the incident, attributed the issue to a mistake by the site manager of MATRIX, arguing that the removal of the reference to Crawford’s participation was deliberately made, just to be corrected.

If someone were to enter at yesterday, they would actually see that there was no mention of the professor’s involvement with our case… But there were reports of Crawford’s involvement in other cases of our “neighborhood”, like one in Kosovo, a conflict of a Greek firm with the Albanian government, etc.

Source: Proto Thema

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