Discussion about the Ancient Macedonian Origins in FYROM’s TV

One of the funniest discussions you will ever watch about the origins of ancient Macedonians is the one between the former PM of FYROM Ljubco Georgievski and one called Milenko Nedelkoski in a FYROM’s TV channel.

The former PM of FYROM explains with simple and reasonable arguments the reasons why Alexander the Great is considered Greek, while he built through his conquests and left behind a Greek world.

It is remarkable, however, the extent of misinformation and irrational argumentation provided by the other interlocutor. The most important reason for this attitude lies in the fact that the mainstream mind there in FYROM, has been imposed a revisionist history falsely claiming them as being direct descendants of the ancient Macedonians, which has very little to do with actual history.

Some of the most comical main arguments against the Greek origins of ancient Macedonians and the Modern Macedonian history - used widely by FYROM’s Slavs nowadays- you will notice are:

- Philip II of Macedon fought and defeated Southern Greeks (therefore in the average Slavic mind in FYROM, this implies they were of… different ethnicity!! Probably news about Greeks fighting Greeks in the ancient world still havent reached FYROM!!)

- they spoke a different language (Some among FYROM’s Slavs are claiming also that aside from their elite, the average ancient Macedonian didnt spoke a word of Greek. Imagine a people to go and spread everywhere a language they dont even…speak!! Common Sense always seemed Unfamiliar territory to many of the Slavs in FYROM)

- Up to 1990, the name “Macedonia” was forbiden in Greece. There was no area called “Macedonia” in Greece and Greeks didnt want to hear…about Alexander and Macedonia (Quite possibly those FYROM’s Slavs who believe this claim, are living in their own fantasy world, because these allegations are plainly ridiculous [1] , [2]

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