Letter from All Pan-Macedonian Association to UN and EU regarding the Statue of Alexander the Great in Skopje.




Nina Gatzoulis

Coordinator of the Committee of World Pan-Macedonian Associations

To: UN Country Members



We are vehemently opposing the erection of Alexander the Great’s statue in the Skopje Square, in the capital of the FYROM. This act does not only show the usurpation of the Greek history by that country’s Slavs in the strongest terms, but it also portrays their true irredentist ideas such as land expansion. We are not fooled by the name “Warrior on a Horse”, as Skopje’s ultranationalist government is now clearly breaking the Interim Accord signed by the two countries in 1995.


Under no circumstances should the international community and the international legal system allow this theft of Greece’s most famous persona, Alexander the Great to take place. We, the Macedonians are proud of our Macedonian cultural identity for millennia and historic figures such as Alexander the Great are an integral part of Greek history. With respect to FYROM’s historical revisionism as a means to establish an identity in the modern world, please see: macedonia-evidence.org http://macedonia-evidence.org/obama-letter.html


Therefore we call upon the international community to intervene and put a stop to this crime that is taking place in Greece’s neighboring country.


Pan-Macedonian Association USA- Kostas Hatzistefanidis

Pan-Macedonian Association of Australia – Dimitris Minas - President

Pan-Macedonian Association of Canada-Haralampos Moutousidis- President

Pan-Macedonian Association of Europe-Archimandrite Dr. Panteleimon Tsormpatzoglou-President

Macedonian Chapters of Africa-Amyntas Papathanasiou-President

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