Alexander’s statue erected in Skopje – When Hysteria and Hypocrisy meet

One of the challenges which Balkans face at present is repairing the damage done to the regional reputation by current eruptions of irredentism and nationalism. In the ongoing dispute between Greece and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) which has generated a great deal of political and academic debate on both sides all these years, things do not seem in the near future.

FYROM continues steadily to a purposeful downgrading of good relations its neighbouring Greece. The newest addition to the long list of provocations by the Slavs of FYROM was to erect a gigantic statue of the ancient Greek conqueror, Alexander the great, in Skopje, the ancient capital of Dardania.

A glaringly apparent question would be the following. Why the Slavs of FYROM erected a statue of an ancient Greek hero?

Well, in fact FYROM’s Slavs have erected yesterday 3 statues. One of Alexander in Skopje and two statues of Philip II of Macedon, one in Monastiri and one in Skopje. This massive hysteria of erecting ancient Greek statues is part of the systematic attempt of FYROM to usurp the Greek history and heritage of ancient Macedonians.

What makes it even more comical is the fact that almost a century ago, during the Bulgarian uprising in Ilinden,  the Bulgarian ”Heroes” of the Slavs in modern FYROM like Delchev and Gruev executed as a Traitor those few Slavs [at the time they self-identified as Bulgarians] who dared  to claim “Descendant” of Alexander the Great.

Today we have the exact opposite.  Whoever dares to claim in FYROM the truth, namely that the Slavic element are just… Slavs and have nothing to do with ancient Macedonians, he is  labeled at once as a Traitor!!

Hypocrisy is never absent from FYROM!!


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