UC Alum Helped Bring Cleopatra to Cincinnati


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UC Alum Helped Bring Cleopatra to Cincinnati‬‏

Georg Rosenbauer, MBA ’63, explains why the Hilti Foundation helped fund Franck Goddio’s underwater excavations of Egypt’s lost cities, resulting in the Cleopatra exhibit at the Cincinnati Museum Center. Video/Ashley Kempher, Lisa Ventre
Cleopatras’s City

In Cleopatras’s day, the population of Alexandria was more than 500,000 and statues, the city looked Greek rather than Egyptian. The Great Library of Alexandria attracted scholars from around the world making the city one of the great intellectual centers.

Daily household objects were made objects from affordable metals like lead and bronze, or were ceramic. Limestone was freely available and widely used. Skilled metal workers fashioned high-tin bronze that polished up to like gold.


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