1791 - “Modern Geography” by Daniel Philippidis and Grigorios Konstantas

“Modern Geography” by Daniel Philippidis and Grigorios Konstantas,1791,vol.1 “including European Turkey,Italy,Spain.France and Portugal”

“Οι πρώτοι κάτοικοι της Μακεδονίας ήταν εκείνοι όπου ήταν και της Ελλάδος”=The first inhabitants of Macedonia were the same with those of Greece:

“So Demosthenes was not right to call Macedonians barbarians;instead,at that time this appellation fitted better to the case of the Athenians rather than to the Macedonians”.

“The Greek ethnos was widespread in the time of Alexander the Great,however this great man,as soon as he managed to conquer all of Asia with an astonishing swiftness,he died equally unexpectedly,what a bad fortune for them (the Greeks),for philosophy and for mankind,leaving his great empire in great disturbance.The situation got even worse,due to the Greek tendency for civil wars,and the disastrous results were immediately to be seen:because the Indians rebelled,the Parthians drove them (the Greeks) out of Persia,the Romans from the other side too,since they had conquered all Italy,whose part was Magna Grecia,then they steped foot in Greece proper and in time they subjugated even Greece and the rest of Asia and Egypt,being assisted in this task by the Greeks themselves;for they willingly collaborated to become slaves of the Romans”.

“The religion of the Macedonians was the same with the rest of the ethne of Hellas”.

“Describing Hellas,I will include a larger area than the Europeans do,and subsequently a much larger than that of the old geographers;for the same reason that the older called Macedonia Hellas too,and the younger ones Thrace as well.”

“Hellas proper included (in ancient times) the part of the country to the south of Thessaly,to which was added Thessaly,Epirus,Illyria,Macedonia and the adjacent islands”

“Modern Hellas is now divided into European and Asiatic Hellas;European Hellas includes,starting from the south,1 Peloponnesus,2 Hellas proper,3 Thessaly,4 Epirus,5 Albania,6 Macedonia,7 Thrace,8 Crete,9 The rest of the Aegean islands that belong to Europe,10 the Ionian islands.”

By Agamoi Thytai

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