Macedonia Name Issue - Australia dismisses unfounded claims by FYROM’s TV channel

FYROM map - Χάρτης των Σκοπίων

Claims that Australia will be recognising FYROM with their constitutional name are inaccurate, according to recent statement of a Australian PM’s Spokeman.

Recently a FYROM’s TV channel claimed falsely that Australia would recognise FYROM by their constitutional name as a gift for the 20 years of Independence.

Furthermore, the same FYROM’s source stated that members of FYROM’s diaspora in Australia, are scheduling meetings with Australian congressmen and the Australian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in order to discuss the relations between Australia and FYROM with the aim of Australia to stop recognizing them as FYROM.

The representative of the Australian PM, Julia Gillard stated in the newspaper of the Greek Diaspora, Neos Kosmos that the claims of FYROM’s TV channel are inaccurate.

Greece and FYROM have been tangled in a ongoing dispute regarding the latter’s name, after FYROM’s Slavs absurdly keep claiming the Name, history and heritage of ancient Macedonia, an ancient Greek kingdom in Macedonia, Greece.

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