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Letter to the editor(s)

23 August 2011

You should have heeded the warning by Professor Marrus before publishing “The Politics of Memory,” especially since you chose to delete the massacre of Serbs during World War Two that was included in the original version of that illustration.  The omission of that atrocity and the others listed below brings into question the political and ethnic bias of your publication:  

Number one: On Sunday, September 7, 1997, I attended the 75th Anniversary of the Destruction of the City of Smyrna which was sponsored by the Federation of Hellenic Societies of Greater Baltimore-Washington Region (in cooperation with The Council of Hellenes Aboard (SAE), The American Hellenic Institute, The Greek American Monthly, Diaspora, and The Asia Minor Holocaust Memorial Society. . According to their statistics, 1.8 Armenians, 1.7 Greeks and 750,000 Assyrians were killed by the Turks.   However, The Globe and Mail mentions only the  genocide of the Armenians. 

Number Two:  The stark omission of Serbs, Jews and Gypsies slaughtered by Croatia’s (Nazi) Ustasha at Jasenovac, known as the Auschwitz of the Balkans, is reprehensible.  According to the Simon Wiesenthal Institute,  30,000 Jews, 28,000 Gypsies, 600,000+ Serbs were murdered.in the most grotesque and heinous ways.  In addition, 250,000 Serbs were expelled, and 200,000 forcibly converted to Catholicism  .Most horrendous was the bloody baptismal bath in the small town of  Glina, Krajina, where almost 2,000 Serbs were herded into the church thinking they were to be converted to Catholicism..  The chief of the Zagreb Ustasha police, Bozidar Corouski, went into the  church and proclaimed to the newly converted Serbians, Now that you are all Roman Catholics, I guarantee you I can save your souls, but I cannot save your bodies.”   With that, the Ustasha then entered the church and proceeded to butcher the Serbs with knives. However, the first to be killed was the newly baptized baby.beheaded by an Ustashi while Fr. Franjo Zuzek held the child.  Only one victim survived by playing dead to make witness to the world what happened at Glina.  It is apparent that the world did not want to listen, and continues to not want to listen to the Serbian voices crying out from their graves.  In the words of a Croatian priest, Ivan Raguz,  “Kill all Serbs and Jews including children so that not even the seeds of the beasts are left.” These words should give some indication as to the depth of the hatred the Croatia’s Catholic Ustasha (Hitler’s loyal ally in World War II) had, especially for Serbia’s Orthodox Christians.   

Number Three:  The 200,000 who allegedly were killed in Bosnia (all Muslims, of course) has been discredited.  In 2002, BBC gives the number at 40,000 on all sides.. Others, at around 80,000.   The inflated number of 250,000 killed in Bosnia was the figure the Clinton administration used to unjustly bomb the Bosnian Serbs –

It is indeed a sad state of affairs when a reputable newspaper such as The Globe and Mail, either through ignorance or malice, chooses which lessons of history are to be preserved or which ones are to be ignored.

Stella L. Jatras

The Globe and Mail

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