Macedonians are Greeks according to the 15th century account of Laonikos Chalkokondylis

15th century

So the Hellenes earned great glory, having demonstrated great and praiseworthy deeds, some of them in Europe and even in Libya (he means probably Africa in general),also reaching even Gagges and Oceanus (the Atlantic) and Caucasus, and in those lands had come before many others and especially Hercules, and even earlier Dionysus, the son of Semele, and afterwards the Lacedaemonians and the Athenians, and after them the king of the Macedonians and those that succeeded him in power, and these events have been remembered and recorded as they have occurred by many other authors. Hellenes accomplished this over a long period of time.”

Laonikos Chalkokondyles, “de origin  ac rebus estis turcorum”,  liber primus


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