Macedonia News: MINA “News” Agency is caught again Fabricating News

Typical part of the “celebrations” with FYROM’s Slavs holding Racist Anti-Greek banners after the FYROM-Greece basketball game

The Mass hysteria and paranoia prevailing in FYROM found again the chance to come out in the aftermath of FYROM Vs Greece Basketball game in the Eurobasket of Lithuania. Two years after the humiliating defeat with 86-54 from the Greek National Team, FYROM’s national basketball team has defeated the Greek one with 72-58. Even inside the stadium, the provocations were numerous with FYROM fans waving flags with the Greek Sun of Vergina, while shouting “Macedonia – Macedonia” in the face of the Greek players.

Things in FYROM werent any better. Greece’s defeat gave the chance to thousands of FYROM’s Slavs going out in the streets waiving flags and burst into the typical Anti-Greek rants.

In the meantime, certain FYROM’s Media like the infamous MINA, found the chance to indulge again in petty fabricated news stories. MINA managed to paint a grossly exaggerated picture of reality, when presented a Greek protest in the border of Evzoni in Macedonia of Greece, to take place because of… the Greek defeat in the Basketball game!!!

This ‘protest’ came as a result of yesterday’s loss to “Macedonia” [FYROM] which apparently made many Greeks unhappy

This petty claim, of course, was completely false since the protesters had already announced their reasons. These reasons had solely to do with the soft Greek government’s policies regarding the Name Issue and FYROM’s constant provocations like the erection of Alexander the Great’s statue, the king of the ancient Hellenic kingdom of Macedon, in Skopje.

MINA up to this day is practically unmatched for the vehement, tiresome repetition of half-truths and falsehoods when dealing with neighbouring Greece.

Not long ago, in a typical fabrication of the type deployed to libel Greece, MINA managed to embarass itself by publishing false information regarding a Greek Tourist Guide.

In another grossly flawed report, MINA was caught once more fabricating news by shamelessly distorting statements concerning Ms Dora Grosomanidou, the former Head of the Greek Liaison Office in FYROM. After these series of spreading misinformation, its not surprising that FYROM’s media are accepted in the general Greek public with ridicule.

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Belisarios-Spartakos says:

In another post, this “news agency” reported that the Hellenic MOFA ‘s site was hacked by e-Magare hackers when its reference was to the site of a minor municipality named Byronas, in Attica.I was laughing for an hour…
Though its victims-readers still believe that the Hellenic MOFA’s site was hacked!
MINA is an ultranationalist agency that supports Gruevski with all means and often attacks FYROM’s political opposition.
It’s public are mainly FYROM’s expatriates from Canada and Australia!

Thessalonikios says:

The funny thing with this “News agency” ????? or whatever it is!! is that the kind of news its has is about 3 categories. 1)Good news about Fyrom(never bad news or the reall situation speciall about their economy), 2)everything about Greece(ofcourse allways the bad news) and 3) something seems to be happening between them and Pandev!!!