Skopjians Call Greeks “Freaks of Nature” & “Deranged Bastardly Monsters” – Courts Says OK!


by Nick Skrekas on Thursday, September 8, 2011

I draw this outrageous development from the sophisticated and worldly Asia-Pacific melting pot of Australia to your attention. Does anyone still doubt that a Zero Tolerance policy for Anti-Hellenism is not warranted when we are so viciously provoked …?!

The selectively blind “justice system” in some “developed,” “multi-cultural” and supposedly “tolerant” parts of the world are is simply beyond comprehension …The Skopjians are running riot with racial vilification and even the courts bend over backwards to protect them.

A report from the Australian daily newspaper Herald-Sun is pasted below.

The paper is based in Melbourne, the same city where this “kangaroo court” came down with this shameless decision.

This metropolis is home to countless hundreds of thousands of our Greek/Hellenic Diaspora compatriots


Title: Macedonian newspaper did not incite race hate, says VCAT

By Jessica Craven

From: Herald Sun

Date: September 08, 201112:00AM

A TRIBUNAL has ruled a Macedonian newspaper that published an article denigrating Greeks and referring to them as “freaks of nature” and “deranged bastardly monsters” did not incite racial hatred.

The Australian Macedonian Advisory Council brought the action against the Australian Macedonian Weekly in the human rights division of VCAT.

The council alleged an article published in 2009, titled “Who in the celestial world gave the Greeks the right to take away the Macedonian language?”, attempted to dehumanise Greek people and portray them as racially inferior.

The council filed a complaint with the Press Council and the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission but the matter was referred to VCAT after the dispute could not be conciliated.

Australian Macedonian Weekly editor Ljupco Stankovski told the tribunal the article was published in the honest belief it would be of interest to the Macedonian community, despite some “extravagant” language.

Senior member Noreen Megay found the article did not incite hatred because it was published in a newspaper aimed at the Macedonian community.



1. Do I have to say anything about this disgusting legal ruling that isn’t entirely obvious to any reasonable Greek/Hellene?!

2. How many defeatist, nihilistic and appeasement-minded (self-described) “Hellenes” will readily defend their horrendous and vile propaganda in the interests of “polite peace at all costs,” and attack me for highlighting this travesty of justice remains to be seen …

But I will never apologize to self absorbed fools or shy cowards for reacting vigorously to unforgivable provocations … And neither should you!Please take a stand and make a comment.


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