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PICT1631 Macedonia Name Issue: Nationalistic slogans and Kitsch Parade in FYROMs celebrations for Independence Day

  FYROM – A Slav comically posing as an ancient Macedonian. The absurd Obsession of FYROM’s Slavs with the Greek kingdom of ancient Macedon has reached epidemic levels



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Circus under Alexander’s horse

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09.09.2011 11:00


Author: Bojan Stilin


With a pompous mass-gathering in the manner of socialist parades, which included the parade of children dressed in stylized antique robes beneath the unfinished twenty-six feet high ‘triumphal gate,’ and culminated in the release of the use of fountains under the monument of Alexander the Great and the concert by popular local musicians,  FYROM celebrated its twentieth birthday. Or, more precisely – celebrated by the party leadership of the ruling VMRO-DPMNE and their sympathizers.


 Macedonia is the only former republic of Yugoslavia that has left the federation peacefully, after a referendum held on 8th September 1991. when nearly three-quarters of its population voted for its independence. Albanians boycotted the referendum, and gained status of constituent nations by fight in the armed conflict of 2001, finalized by the Ohrid agreement, which guarantees them representation in government bodies proportional to their representation in the census (22 percent).


 However, a far greater problem for  FYROM from the tension between the two constituent peoples is the fact that, twenty years after its independence, the United Nations has not recognized under its constitutional name, even though more than half of their members do so. The reason is, of course, the dispute with Greece, which blocks the admission of  FYROM in international institutions, arguing that the name ‘Macedonia’ reflects claims on a northern Greek province of the same name, but also to the historical heritage of ancient Macedonia.


 And after years of socialist leaders in the Macedonian dispute resorted to tactics and made concessions, when the ruling younger set, led by Nikola Gruevski, which govern the country since 2006. the film broke. They took to provoke the Greeks wherever they arrive by ornamenting the feathers of the ancient legacy of the megalomaniac project “Skopje 2014”, which would make the capital of  FYROM should become the new Acropolis, while used in a patriotic and tourism purposes. So, the vision of a world famous Japanese architect Kenzo Tange, who planned Skopje after the earthquake in 1963, became a staging ground for quasi-ancient experiments on the principle of ‘where there is free place, building or monument ought to be erected.”


 And yesterday’s celebration of the 20th Macedonia’s birthday was the climax of this project – kitschy megalomaniac circus as we have seen since the golden days wildest post-Soviet dictator like Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev and the late Turkmenbašija.


 From Tuđmanesque parade and folk-pop-rock revelry


 The start was, in that sense, relatively modest – defile of the SlavoMacedonian police and military increased by honorary flyover by aviation units composed of three MIG recalled only the parades at Jarun by Franjo Tuđman. Then under the newly built Porte  Macedonia trained child ‘units’ walked, dressed in a stylish antique uniforms, and if someone would accidentally much objected to the abuse of children for political purposes, they were quickly dismissed by Aleksandrian phalanx of adult warriors.


 After a half-hour theatrics prepared specially for the occasion, in which briefly the history of Macedonia was recounted (ancient times in the play is shown as a dream), President Đorđi Ivanov crossed the bridge over the Vardar and passed the Declaration of Independence in the lobby of the newly opened ‘Museum of the Macedonian struggle for Independence’. Here is the speech of all-national reconciliation and the country’s European path, failing to mention that at the celebration of 20th birthday of  FYROM there was nobody present from any opposition politician and statesman of any foreign country (government justified itself by explaining that they have not called leaders of foreign countries so that they could not have a problem with Greece).


 The entire entourage then returned to the other side of the river Vardar, where they enthusiastically accompanied second climax of the evening – putting into use the fountains under 22-meter high monument of Alexander the Great with lighting that changes color, accompanied chanson performed by the SlavoMacedonian Kylie Minogue, Carolina Gočeva, which was lifted up with a crane and wore a long gown of 350 meters. About as that was the dimension of the ancient Macedonian flag with the  Vergina Star, that flew all the time in the audience. To whom even that still was not enough, he could enjoy a 45-minute speech, Prime Minister Gruevski, whose Chavezesque talk about  FYROM yesterday, today and tomorrow, fortified by quotations of Alexander the Great (?) was followed by the people with the occasional screams of support (especially when they promised that  FYROM will never change name), but mostly in silence so reminiscent of  a graveyard that one could hear the rustling of water spouting lions in Alexander’s fountain.


 The ruling minions then transferred to the stage where the next three hours standing up (?) escorted the concert “Best of Macedonia”, organized by government Agency for youth and sport, which before the 20th birthday of  FYROM organized a selection of the best Macedonian songs of all time. Among the regionally popular stars such as Vlatko Stefanovski and Kaliopi passed the performers of the like of Sonja Tarculovska, wife of Johan Tarčulovski, the only Macedonian convicted of war crimes in The Hague with the song ‘traitors and heroes’. The highlight of ‘entertainment program’ was the performance of certain Tatiana with a song “Ace, Ace, aj što si ubav” [“Ace, Ace, oh how pretty you are”] , with coquettish winking towards Alexander the Great on horseback.


 If you were lost in this surreal circus, you can only imagine how it is to SlavoMacedonians. Because we in Croatia, however, only every couple of years  we have the fun to discover that we are Iranians, old Balkaners or whatever, and in Macedonia, when they already can not change anything regarding the name dispute with Greece, apparently it is quite normal that the premier’s office is devising such folly and surfing Wikipedia looking for occasional quotations of Alexander the Great for a speech. Well, here’s one they forgot: “I do not fear the army of lions led by a sheep, I’m afraid of the army of sheeple led by – a lion.”


The terms ‘FYROM’ and ‘SlavoMacedonians’ are used solely by the Blog and Not from the original article


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