Macedonia Name Issue : Gruevski must abandon the absurdities and extremities

Πάνος Παναγιωτόπουλος

Greece, in regards to the Skopje issue, must insist on the decisions of the Bucharest summit. Our country has done its part and traveled the path to resolving this matter. From now on it must be the Skopjian Prime Minister Mr Gruevski who must abandon the absurdities and extremities so that we can move forward on the path to good cooperation and a harmonious coexistence between the two countries.”

This, amongst other things, was emphasized by the Section Minister of Foreign Policy of the Nea Dimokratia Party in the secondary district of Athens, MP Panos Panagiotopoulos in an interview on “Kanal 5” in Skopje with journalist Ms Sania Ristofska.

Elsewhere in the interview, Mr. Panagiotopoulos said the following:

We believe that Greece has taken many steps to finding a solution to the name issue. Greece has traveled the corresponding distance and did what was necessary to find a solution to this issue. It’s time now for the government in Skopje to do its part and take its own steps to finding a proper solution to the name, which should be erga omnes, in other words a name to suit all

The Greek people want to have a relationship of good neighborliness, friendship and harmonious cooperation with the people of Skopje. We all know that the Slavic majority population of Skopje came and settled on a piece of the geographical region of Macedonia much later and in fact has nothing to do with Alexander the Great, Philip II and the Macedonian dynasty, which is purely Greek. History should not divide us, it must unite us…“, Mr Panagiotopoulos emphasised.

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